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unwanted gear shifting

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by spidierox, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. HI everyone,

    hope someone can help.
    I am driving the Lotus car (the green one :cool:) and recently I noticed that I get unwanted (and uncontrolled) gear shifts (upward most of the time).
    Although I have manual gear selected and my controller seem to work fine I have no clue if this is a "feature" or a problem.
    My engines are at 95 % and I was wondering if that gearbox is influenced by that. Also, as I am new my experience level is for AI is amateur but for the rest as realistic as possible.

    Totally out of ideas, but entries and exits into turns are completely wrong as this unwanted changing behavior also sucks down the power of the engine when it shifts.
    Is there any option I must set? is my engine getting old ? please advise if you can

    many thanks
    Dieter de Wit
  2. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Im asuming you mean you press the gear up once but get 2 shifts instead? If so this is normally a controller issue.
  3. It sounds like a controller issue to me - maybe some contact spray will help. But maybe the controller problem is caused by lags in the game caused by rapture 3d (if you are using it). If you are using rapture 3d put it to software.
  4. Ok, guys tnx, trying to tweak the harware then in terms of sensitivity and dead zone

    Thanks again
  5. Rapture 3d, isn't that the sound driver? I will test my game performance with this set to software. Can you give me more details on how it causes lag please?

    someone else I was speaking to had the same issue of unwanted gear shifts, I think it was shifting up or down 2 times instead of once, it was a controller issue.

    I have never experienced this issue myself with gear changes, I always get a single gear change for each paddle action.

    What controller do you have, it's not a Thrustmaster by any chance is it? I have heard several reports of faulty buttons with the F40 wheels.