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Unrealistic Team Expectations

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Du22ty, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Hey I'm currently in my first season racing for Williams and 9 races in they're expecting me to qualify top 5 and finish top 2! Who do they think I am?

    Anyone else experiencing this?
  2. Maybe it depends on what setting you're on, I play on legend with no assists but shifting and they expect me to finish 18th i think. If you're playing on the easiest settings maybe they expect you to finish second. Just a thought.
  3. It's depend on positions in previous races. I retired in Australia and team wants me to be on P14 in Malaysia (In Australia it was P12).
  4. i had to finish 12th in maylasya finished 7th then i got told finish 9th for china and i win now gotta finish 8th for turkey.
    depends on where you finished last race. i will be upping my ai from inter to pro
  5. Ah okay previous results explain it. It's still unrealistic. Few races back had some major luck with a safety car where I finished extraordinarily well. Normally I'm still way off the pace of the top 6.
  6. ¿Is there any chance of modding this?
  7. Don't worry about it, once you miss a few objectives they'll become reasonable again. Season objectives are more important
  8. I agree that it's unrealistic. I play with Lotus, and the non-KERS cars are like 2-3 seconds off pace. No way I can finish higher than 19th unless someone crashes. Usually they expect me to be 18th, so I always miss the target by 1 spot :/
  9. LOL I just joined sauber for Season 2 and in Melbourne they expect for to qualify 2nd and finish the race "no worse" than 1st, WTF!
    This team finished the 1st season I think about 12th in the constructors with less than 40 points.
  10. I would preffer that team expectations change less during the season. By chance I did 6th in china and now HRT espects me finising on the points,Although season objectives are the important ones this annoy me.

    Would be great to mod this. Im trying to do it but don´t find the appropiate parameter on the database file, i would appreciate some help guys!
  11. I joined Lotus-Renault at the start of Season 2. They finished 4th in the constructors in Season 1.
    Objective for Australia. Qualify 1st, Finish 1st.

    I qualified 12th finished 7th. (on Pro)
    For the next race the objective is qualify 3rd finish 2nd.
  12. I'm with McLaren and it's pretty much been finish 1st and qualify 1st for the entire season, with a new exceptions.
  13. I'm glad to here the expectations do go down based on performance. After finishing my 1st season against Intermediate AI I felt like it was way too easy, (won the DC in my first season.) so I raised the AI difficulty to Professional. 1st race goal was 16th I finished 4th. For the second race they wanted me to finish 12th or better I came in 2nd. Race 3 they want 8th or better and I haven't been able to qualify higher than 12th because it is raining. For some reason the AI can use options while my crew chief is telling me that he recommends intermediates. In practice I was 2.4 seconds faster than any of them in the dry. I'm thinking I may have to set the AI on Legend just to get a good race but I wasn't sure about doing it during a season when expectations are high.
  14. Tangentially related, if you drive for a non-KERS team and get the goal of finishing 20th for the season, and subsequently none of the six drivers for the bottom teams scores a point all season, how are the standings determined? Is it just a big tie for 19th?
  15. Im doing the game on hard and still they expect me to finish in the top 5 @ monza with the williams so lets try the challenge :p
  16. The driver who has the highest average finish in any race of the season will be determined the leader, even though the points are the same.

    For example, in real F1 this season, the two Team Lotus drivers (Trulli and Kovalainen) are leading the drivers of HRT and Virgin because they (on average) have finished higher than the drivers of those two teams.
  17. Lotus is expecting to be 14 on the grid and finish 12 in Silverstone. In Europe my target was 13 in race and 15 on the grid. This is impossible for me on Legend without assists. I was fighting all race long in Valencia with only two stops with the primes. I can fight my way in the race but in qualy it is impossible to beat the KERS cars.
  18. Williams, Season 1, Race 9, Legend difficulty, No Assists. In my last 6 races I have won them all on the bounce passing the great Jim Clark's recored of 6 wins on the bounce and now chasing down living legend Micheal Schumacher's record of 7 straight wins. But since I won my first 3 on the bounce the team expects me to qualify 3rd and finish 1st in the race, so it is results dependant.