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Misc Unofficial Championship Creator for Game Stock Car 2013 1.20

An unofficial batch file-based program that will allow you to create your own custom championships!

  1. FerrariMan96 submitted a new resource:

    Unofficial Championship Creator for Game Stock Car 2012 - An unofficial batch file-based program that will allow you to create your own custom championships!

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  2. Hey man...
    my problem is,in my game are not the championships which i created:unsure:I had a GSC for the Stock Cars with addon tracks...but ingame are only the default 2012 season and the camaro cup.Same with Mini challenge,there i made a V8 Supercar champioship but in game only the season from Mini challenge:O_o:
    This creator works fine...put in the tracks and points....but nothing in game
  3. I'm not entirely sure what you're saying, but I think what you mean is that the custom championships don't show up, correct? Only the default ones?

    My guess would be that you didn't input the right directory into the config.ini file, so I would suggest double checking that...
  4. It is all right...your creator find also all the tracks which are installed...hm:unsure:
  5. Which directory is GSC installed in? Under program files?
  6. directly under C ...
  7. Hmm. I honestly don't know why it isn't working.

    Can you go to your rFm folder in the GSC install and tell me if you can see any .aos files? These are the files that the championship creator creates. If they exist, then the problem is that the game isn't reading them. If they don't exist, then the problem is that they aren't being put in the right place by the batch file.
  8. So it works now.I´ve created again a season and there it is...I´m so...i deleted the rFm folder...for whatever reason.Some testing with other stuff or so,now a new folder and there is my GSC 2013 aos file.THanky you for your help!!:thumbsup:
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2013
  9. No problem ;)
  10. FerrariMan96 updated Unofficial Championship Creator for Game Stock Car 2012 with a new update entry:

    Unofficial Championship Creator for Game Stock Car 2013

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  11. FerrariMan96, thanks very much, it works well.
    I edited your 2012 version but just could not get it working, it was driving me mad. Looking at this version, the only difference I can see is the rfm=formulas or street / touring lines? I'd be very interested to know what it is that changed from 2012, just to satisfy my curiosity.
    Anyway, I went back to making manual files, but your new version works well, it's much appreciated thanks :)
  12. The main thing that changed was the rFM file names. Because they are embedded in the launcher, it took me a while to work out the names.

    Also, a lot of the naming of the cars (as the game sees them) was new/changed so I had to address that too. And then there were some typos and stuff that I found which I don't think were causing issues but they could've.

    All and all it wasn't a big job but I've had barely any free time recently... so now that I do it's time to go racing :D
  13. @FerrariMan96 thank you for the great work and future updates.:thumbsup:
  14. GREAT championship creator !!!

    One wish: can you make it possible to include third-party car mods that can be played with GSC like DTM in the championship creator?
  15. I believe the content(cars) should be left as is. The only add-on cars that makes it into this game should be done by Reiza. Legal converted tracks or scratch build ones sure ok, but most don't come close to Reiza's perfection. With all the fantastic original content on this game and more coming, one question comes to mind...Why??? Creator is fine as is.:thumbsup:
  16. No for 2 reasons.

    1) Unlike the rFactor Championship Creator (made by CTDP), this one does not 'scan' for cars, it has to know them (it only scans for tracks). This is due to limitations of batch files and also the fact that many files that would need to be visable are hidden in GSC.

    2) I don't believe in mods for GSC, that's what rFactor is for ;)
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  17. When I run the batch file, all I get is a blank command window. I've verified that the GSC directory is correct in the ini file. Any suggestions?
  18. DrKruntz



    the Unofficial Championship Creator for Game Stock Car 2013 works but... when the batch file tries to make the list of the tracks present in "location" directory the list remains empty.. ?!?

    In practice, the batch file works but fails to list of the tracks... (the original game traks and those added later).

    There is a possible solution?

    P.S.: this problem manifests itself in GSC2012 too!
  19. Are you setting up the config.ini file correctly? You must put the correct location of your game in there.
  20. DrKruntz


    Of course... I have correctly indicated the path of GSC2013 game on my pc in the Unofficial Championship Creator config.ini (D:\GIOCHI(X86)\GSC2013), in fact the batch file works up to the point where should be indicated the tracks... but they are not listed!
    I have a doubt... but this Championship Creator is compatible with all the tracks created for GSC game and downloaded from the internet?
    Or only works with the original tracks (as well as with the original Reizas vehicles... where the various mods are not integrated).