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Misc Unlock Teams for Career 1.0

Unlock teams at young driver test

  1. Winner submitted a new resource:

    Unlock teams for career - Unlock teams at young driver test

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  2. For those who need to take day1 to start career, could you feedback whether this mod will unlock teams even if you do not finish/pass day 1.
  3. Would you mean we don't need to do Day 2 to unlock team offers (Upto Lotus ) or any new teams are also Available (Like Mc, Merc, SF and RBR )
  4. Up to Lotus only. I have tried adding more than 7 teams but no effect.

    Last edited: Oct 5, 2013
  5. gracias!!!!!!!
  6. Hey Thanx for the mod, however I only unlocked till Lotus, how do you unlock the rest!?
  7. By progressing in the career mode ? This mod unlocks till Lotus only.
  8. dont work for me...Replace settings.xml in youngdrivertest folder but nothing happens
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  9. You r the best man!!!!! It works!!!:thumbsup::D:)
  10. Just for test reasons, it did not work for me. I drive Red Bull in Career.
  11. I can agree that the mod will unlock up to Lotus BUT. I chose Lotus after day one and starts normally in career mode. I Chose short Weekend and while the game is loading Q1 the massage that the savegame can't be loaded cause it was written by an other savegame apears. Then Screen goes black after a while and nothing happens.
  12. dont work for me :(
  13. Doesn't work. I'm after a whole season with torro rosso.
  14. I think this mod only let you choose teams up to Lotus before you start your career and not after you have started it.
    "unlock teams at young driver test" in tag.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2013
  15. I fixed it guys. Update the files and after if it says no offer and you can't choose different team go to young test driver and start a test after go back to menu and now it's available. For me it worked.
  16. As a reminder to those not aware, you have to try YDT (no need to finish or pass) before the teams are unlocked.
  17. Just a curious Question
    Did you tried to unlock all teams mate? I tried back in 2012 to get the YDT teams as Career starting teams but they didn't get unlocked.
  18. Your timing is good. Please refer to Debugging mod latest, unlocking top 7 teams. F1 2012 not applicable. :)
  19. @Winner how did you convert the states.bin file back to the extension the game wants (.bin) after editing it?

    i convert states.bin with Ryder's BXML converter, open in an XML editor, make my changes, save.

    Then I use Fergo's BXML converter to go from text xml to binXML. I then rename the updated states file from states.xml to states.bin.

    Game loads...but all of a sudden my menu keys don't work and I can't scroll left or right in the main menu.
    I put in your states.bin file and the problem goes away.

    So how exactly do I edit the states.bin file? What programs do you use?
  20. am i suppose to be able to start with Ferrari? because I cant choose them.