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Unleashed Lap Times

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by jnl.42, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. Since there isn't one already for this version of the mod..... definitely loving it by the way, can't stop driving it. :D

    Also don't forget to mention which tyre you're on.

    Bathurst - 2:09.903 (control) need more practise, lol
    Barbagello - 53.681 (sprint)
    Phillip Island - 1:32.074 (sprint) lost 0.5 sec in the last sector
    Istanbul Park - 1:54.787 (sprint)

    Gonna try a few more tracks over the next week or so. Also gonna see what I can do on control tyres at the tracks I've already tried.
  2. Phillip Island - 1:30.951 (sprint), 1:33.7 (control)
  3. 1:06:8 (sprints) and 1:08:9(controls) at queensland raceway
  4. Adelaide 2011 (sprints) 1:19:8 and (controls) 1:23:5Hamilton wip 8 1:21:4 on sprints and controls 1:24:7
  5. Adelaide 2011 1:22.8 (controls) capable of low 22.

    edit: Phillip Island 1:30.680 (sprints)
  6. Ive done low 21s-high 20s with controls at adelaide. Also remember at places like Philip Island they don't use sprints.
  7. Adelaide: 1:20,4 on Controls in the World V8 Supercars Championship qualifying, capable of flat 1:20's...

    Best time was a 1:19,5 on Controls... Not by me ! :p
  8. adelaide 1.22.8 on controls
    hamilton 1.22.7 on controls
    albert park 1.58.9 on control
    wanneroo 53.5 on sprints and 55.1 on controls
    winton 1.18.101 on sprints 1.22.3 on controls
    darwin 1.04.2 on sprints and 1.06.2 on controls
    townsville 1.10.5 on sprints and 1.12.3 on controls
    qld raceway 1.07.1 on sprints and 1.08.9 on controls
    phillip island 1.36.3 on controls
    bathurst 1.10.3 on controls
    gold coast 600(short track) 1.11.3 on sprints and 1.12.8 on controls
    symmons plains 53.9 on controls and 49.9 on sprints
    sandown 1.06.5 on sprints and 1.09.4 on controls
    homebush, sydney wip 2 sprints 1.24.9 and controls 1.28.3

    calder park controls 58.1 and sprints 56.1
    oran park version 1 controls 1.08.3 and sprints 1.04.9
    road america 1.13.5 on sprints
  9. More fun with sprints though. :p I'll try on controls again I think I can manage a low 33.

    That is crazy! Haha, I've obviously got some work to do.

    edit: Phillip Island 1:33.395 (controls), reasonably confident a 32 is possible. :)
  10. The comparative good idea.
    But you make your time with a full tank?
    75 liters / 120 liters?
    Set up default or prepared?
    For without such information can not be compared objectively.
    Maybe you should give your set up?
    So you can really get an idea.
    When do you think?
  11. Ok.......All my lap times are.....on3 laps of fuel left in the tankall prepared setups.......Oh and all tanks on 75 liters except from Bathurst, gold coast 600, Phillip island this events have 120 litre tank
  12. Most of the time I test on 3 laps of fuel, with my own setups, but my PI times were set during a short race on about 10 laps of fuel. I did just realise something though, I was using the wrong final drive around PI lol I was using 3.5 instead of 3.25 so I'm not sure how that will effect my times, I am thinking the correct ratio will make me slower. If you want my setup I'll put it up.
  13. Do u use different setups for different circuits?
  14. Mine was with 50L of fuel and no corner cutting at all. I think those adelaide times are abit off, as you dont know if they cut or not.
  15. Ours are clean you can be sure of that ;)

    We had anti-cuts and strict rules to follow :)
  16. and all my times are clean aswell.....
  17. I use different setups for every track, and yeah I made a point not to cut the chicane at adelaide.
  18. Had another try at PI with the correct ratio, did a 1:30.5 on sprints which could have easily been a 1:30.3 without a small mistake in the last sector. I'm thinking 29's are possible. :D Didn't bother try the controls, I'll give that a go another time.
  19. Anyone lapped Eastern Creek? I have a 1:30.825 on softs, Thinking I'm around 2 seconds off the pace as I've only just got the dampers right lol.
  20. Yeah your about 2.5 secs off my time.