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Unleashed Crashes

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by EAO_George, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys

    To start off quite possibly the most awesome Rfactor Mod ever myself and the boys over at EAO love it there's only one problem the crashes now we have done a bit of our own detective work and for most people the only time they crash is when someone flashes there headlights either at the starting grid or anytime during a race

    For example racing at Hidden Valley lead the whole race about to cross the finish line guy behind flashes his light bang game hangs same thing happens on the grids if someone flashes there headlight at least 3-4 of us will have the game hang.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    My PC Specs if that helps

    Core I7-950
    ATI 6870 1024mb
    6gb ram
    Windows 7 64bit
  2. Well your pc specs are certainly much higher that mine, so I'd say its not your hardware. It wont be Windows 7 64bit either, since I am using that awell. Does it happen with other mods? Have you tried using older graphics drivers? Are the others that are having troubles using ATI cards?
  3. Well your PC is no lolly pop is it! It really shouldn't be having any issues with our mod. Have you tried testing other mods under the same conditions? There's the usual question of cause. Video card driver. I'm guessing you've already looked at that.

    This type of thing has been coming up more and more. From what I've read and understand it's more that rFactor itself isn't being supported by the video card producers any more. rFactor is 6 years old now and in PC land thats "really old" so the drivers for all PC hard ware is leaving it behind in favour of more current games.

    I just got the latest VC driver for my PC and it has support for 3D imaging now. My card is a Nvidia GTS 250. 256 Bit running Windows 7 32bit. So it's only half your PC.

    There's only two things I can suggest, Either lower your graphic settings or go back to a earlier VC driver.
  4. Hey again

    After doing some asking around its a mixed bag on what video cards, operating systems ect people are running.

    Yeah I have tried the VC Drivers newer older ect

    Did a little bit more testing as I thought maybe it could of been a server side issue so I started up an offline race and loaded up about 18 cars sat there flashing my headlights and nothing happened until about 8 or more cars where on track and then it crashed.

    Very very strange indeed and as so many of our boys are having the problem its impossible to run a league for these at the moment.

    Maybe if someone else could do there own testing and see if they can replicate the problem off line just load up some cars and start flashing your headlights lol


    Edit: Sorry missed the other question yes I have tried other mods doing the same thing and have not crashed.

    Edit again: The game doesn't actually crash to desktop the screen just freezes and I have to ALT CTRL DEL to get back to desktop where it says Rfactor has stopped working.
  5. After some more testing I am stumped I can turn everything on low and the headlights will crash it, turn it all on high and nothing and vice versa. So it doesn't seem to be a graphics issue as I know some of the others are running theres on low graphics.

    Back to the drawing board lol
  6. Another update after changing these two lines in my PLR file I believe I have solved my problem.

    Max Headlights="16" // Max headlights visible relative to your car.
    Headlights On Cars="1" // Headlights illuminate other cars.

    I changed both of those to 0 and have not been able to replicate the crash since.
  7. Saying it's impossible to run a league is a bit of a over stretch don't you think? Just ban people from flashing their lights for now anyway till we can get to the bottom of the problem.

    Back to the issue though. We need to reproduce this to test what's going on.
    You can try this. It may point you to the problem by tracing path errors.
  8. Ok. This may work but it's just a band aid fix. We need to work out why it's happening at all. At least you have confirmed it,s actually the light's at fault. This is funny because we did discuss using different lights textures in the mod but it was put aside so no changes have been made from the rFactor default settings. So why this is effecting you now is a mystery.

    Can you do a trace log so we can have a look at it please.
  9. I agree with you fully impossible was not the right word to use lol I was just upset as I love the mod so much that losing races to something so silly was getting on my nerves.

    Anyway as I said I seemed to have found a temporary solution to the problem but ill try what you have suggested and report back with what I find.

    Thanks for all the help
  10. Heres what I got from the last crash.

    Attached Files:

  11. Man that is weird. My PC is a box of SH T compared to yours, and I run full everything, with the headlights at 256 cars and headlights on cars at 1 and no issues in testing on 6 different tracks.. But my testing was also all offline.

    Also, I don't think the trace is going to help much when the game doesn't CTD as Trace shows the loading sequence, not within the game from memory. Therefor, if the last action was not a CTD, then it prolly won't show.

    Another option might be to do an extract of your PLR file around the graphics options and post it on here and lets see if we can see the differences in your PLR vs mine or even some of the others in your league that aren't having the issue. It might point to something else.