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Unhandled exception loading to track

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by marcdxn, May 28, 2016.

  1. been off the game for a month or so, tried to play tonight and when ever i hit the button to go to track (>) i hear a windows error sound (bing) and the game crashes. Back at the desktop i have an error that an unhandled exception has occured.

    Tried with a few different race series and i got the same thing, i don't suppose i can resolve this without reinstalling all the game files?

  2. Morello


    You can try verifying the game cache in Steam, which will check if any files are corrupt or missing. Right-click the game in the games list, choose Properties, then Local Files, and then "Verify integrity of game cache...". I've had a couple instances of this kind of thing happening after an update, and doing this has fixed it.
  3. Sniper


    Make sure your not using the spotter app
  4. Spotter app is working fine with me. I made a copy of userdata from C:\documents\automobilista to the root folder of AMS(mine is on another drive). I believe the spotter app is looking for the user profile.
  5. Sniper


    yes that's right but if he has not done this then spotter will break it
  6. cheers guys, verifying files worked