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Unexpected issue in carreer

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by loma28, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. I was on Renault and at the half of my carreer just before Hungaroring and I received offering of new contract with some teams. So I chose Force India thinking it was for next carreer, instead I am on Force India immediately in next race, so that I have to begin the second part of carreer with this car. But I did'nt want that. How work the offering for new contracts?
    How can you know if chancing team is immediatly or from next carrer?
    This is different from previous F1 201x and I don't know how manage this option.
    Thankyou all
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  2. if you accept a contract offer that will be implemented from the next race.
    It is not possible to implement the new contract only for the following season.
  3. To my mind this is the last unaddressed issue with 2016. To be jettisoned out of a career mid season, llike it's the 90's & your name is Jean Alesi, Heinz-Harald Frentzen. I mean, that's the last time a driver jumped ship for another team mid season, & to have no other option than to take a team offer when it appears & then be dragged away from all the work you have put in before the said season is done, just vomits on the immersion. Had the same with experience myself & it just breaks the career mode for me, so I do a drive, ignore offers, then restart with another team when it feels appropriate to move up the ladder, which defeats the purpose of career mode to be honest. There is no way to sign for a new team & look forward to being there at the start of the new F1 year, while you complete your obligations & hard fought status with your current team. It just ejects you from your bid to take your current team to the world championship, dumps you in another car & walks away....Not really indicative of reality in todays F1 climate...
  4. To add, I think there should at least be an optional choice marker patched into the game on receiving a contract offer from another team. Worded on screen in the paddock laptop for example:

    Accept contract from Mercedes & drive now. This mid-season change cannot be undone.


    Accept contract from Mercedes & defer until the start of next season. This change cannot be undone.

    At least then we would have the option of staying with our current team & fulfilling our contractual goals knowing theat something exciting is around the corner, or bailing mid-season on our team because we are tired of driving a shopping trolley with a lawn mower engine...sorry, a McLaren. :p
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  5. I agree, and I wonder how CM made something so stupid and unreal, it was so easy make as in previuos versions.
  6. This is an issue that was also addressed on the Codemasters forums and Lozzy (who I believe is from Codies) said the choice was made as a "game" element (not a "sim" element) as there is a lot of people who would like to hop teams quicker than once per entire season.
    He also said the easiest solution would be to just decline the contract offer, and wait for the offers at the end of the season.

    While I agree it should be worded better, it's not that big of an issue to me.
  7. As far as I can remember it's always been this way in CM games. You switch teams when you accept the offer, even if that is mid season.
  8. Well this is my point, to simply code in an option similar to my suggestion above would keep both parties happy. The more hardcore could keep a contract offer from a certain team on the shelf after signing it, until the start of the new season. And those who are having a torrid time with their current team have a chance to bail mid-season. Everyone's a winner.
  9. I don't understand " keep on the shelf after signing it". If you sign it, you jump immediately in the new team
    How can you wait until ending season?
  10. You can't. I was merely making a suggestion for patching the game to give that option. ;)
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