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Understanding Formula 1 Strategy in 2013

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RaceDepartment, Apr 19, 2013.

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  2. Pirelli has done a good job on managing the tire compounds. Pit stops are more important to the race then they have ever been, and that appeals to fans who like watching pit stops. I think Formula One drivers could be a little more aggressive, but with the risk of blocking penalties and crashing, they won't. I know the main focus these days is on safety, but with increased safety is the cost of watching a good, rough, tight battle for the win. And the team orders are terrible, they take the fun out of teammates racing each other like Senna and Prost. Formula One needs to be reformed. Bring back the V10s, get rid of Bernie, just fix the damn sport. 2014 is gonna suck, and I feel like Formula One will not be the same again.
  3. V10s ?? I think the old V12 engines would be a better choice ;)
  4. So much negativity for a season that is not even close to starting. How do you not know that 2014 won't be the greatest season in the history or racing?
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  5. I'm excited about Russia and the GP of America in New Jersey, but I think Formula One is focused too much on safety in 2014. I'm not saying safety is a bad thing, it just kind of takes the excitement of racing out with the 15,000 RPM V6s and focusing more on the boost systems to pass. It's not tough racing anymore, it's just that money means more research and more research means better parts, and better parts means you get to the front and you'll see the same people contending for the championship every year...
  6. That has always been the case in F1, even more so back in the Bridgestone days.
    Bringing more safety is never a bad thing in any sport.
  7. But it isn't fun seeing Vettel lead/win every other week by 10-15 seconds. And I don't like how teams aren't treating drivers equally, but that's always been the case as well.... Nothing we can do.
  8. I can get a car one stopping or two stopping. But 3 stops is insane. I have seen it attempted many times and fall apart. Not counting stops for car maintenance to car or wet tires.
  9. The reason we dont have V12 is the Kers device is big and heavy. Kers and a V12 would be a longer heaver chassis. F1 is all about being light. Wen i run R07 i stay away from V12 engines in sports cars Just V4 V6 or V8 Maybe a V10. There less of a dog to drive. Alain Prost quoted the Ferrari as a truck without power steering. V12s are also not environmentally friendly more fuel and oil ect.
  10. Quote of the year.
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  11. Alain Prost complained more than he drove fast laps so I always ignored the guy ;)
    I also ignore Pro Eco Friendly hippies : They ruin everything that has to do with cars or any kind of fun :(

    Don't get me wrong : The first Tesla car based on the Lotus Elise is something I wouldn't mind having at all but next to that I would also like to have something like a Dodge RAM SRT-10 :D Not because it makes sense or because I need such a pickup but because it's FUN !!! ;)
  12. This actually made me fall off my chair with laughter!
  13. sbblakey777

    You would have hated it back in the day when Ferrari were dominant purely because of their budget, and Schumacher just being naturally fitter and more consistent then anyone.

    F1 became so predictable, that they lost viewers, and it was very obvious who was going to win, and if his team mate (Barrichello usually) was in front, nine times out of ten, he was going to let Schumacher through for the win. Schumacher could lap most of the field, including the front runners at one point.

    At the moment, Red Bull have Adrian Newey, and as long as Red Bull have Adrian Newey and someone like Vettel, expect Red Bull to continue to be front runners no matter what the rules state. At least the racing is more unpredictable now, even with the biggest budgets, you still see teams like Force India, Sauber and Williams picking up podiums. That would have never happened in the old days.
  14. The speed is still there. I just dont like the V6 Turbo there talking about. It buzzes like a electric motor. Remember Benetton Dominated with V8s Back when Ferrari had V12s and Williams had V10
  15. Ermmmmm, riiiiiiiiiiiight.
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