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Underexposured cockipt view

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by ouvert, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. ouvert


    I think it is well known bug but I haven`t any luck in googling any fix or statment from devs or any info related to this issue ..

    When seleting on of three inside cockpit views and having FOV set to lower value (45 for example) eveything outside is 1 - 1.5 stops darker than in should be .. out of car cameras are fine ..

    Yes you can push exposure compensation up, but than it screws you openwheelers.

    Did I miss any update on this .

    Thank you
  2. Afaik its not a bug, but a design problem / tech problem. But i agree it needs to be fixed!
    45 - who is driving with that? I usually drive with 80 - 90 and then adjust the seat.
  3. ouvert


    accualy i think in pC it is 50 for my single screen setup (and adjusted seat of course) ... I preffer to have corect perspective and sacrifice the pheripheral vision ... once you get used to it anything alse feels weird
  4. Ryan Soucy

    Ryan Soucy

    Try turning off AA. Or at least playing with those settings. Some types were causing that for me. So I shut it off and never turned it back on. I run at 2500x1440, so I don't even notice it gone, and the performance has been EXCELLENT.
  5. ouvert


    I with or without AA makes no difference ... I just notice that outide exposure is fine if I move my seat extremely back .. further I go from windshield brighter it goes outside ... and if im really away (so I can see side windows an legs) it is as bright as it should be .. apparently there is some kind of exposure metering that is broken for higer FOV .. well I rather have it dark, fidle with exp.compensation for different cars or drive from bumper than see my whole steering wheel, maybe they`ll figure it out in some of next patches :)