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Ultrawide Monitor vs 40inch TV?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Todd Schneller, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone, i just bought the plans to build a ricmotech rs1! and I need a tv or monitor! I dont have enough room for triples and i want to wait a bit on VR. So that leaves me with needing a monitor possibly an ultra wide or a hdtv...

    SO, i found this tv...... samsung j6200 40 inch 1080p. Its on sale locally for $350... has response times of 7.8 and input lag of 44.5ms

    I race on my 60 inch LED TV with a wheelstand from my couch and I ever actually have gamed on a PC Monitor.... How are these response times and input lag ratings compared to monitors?

    I guess my real question is- is this price a good bang for the buck if i am comparing it to a ultrawide monitor that is almost a $1000? Am i going to get $650 dollars worth more of awesome from an ultrawide monitor over a 40 inch tv?

    The dell ultrawide 34 inch curved is the monitor i referencing. Do you think that monitor would be worth $650 more then what i would get with this Samsung J6200 on a great sale?
  2. PicoBp
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  3. Kurupt CDN
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    Kurupt CDN
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    I have a Dell 34" 3440x1440p curved ultra wide and love it, I've seen them on the Web for around $700. The non curved version is a bit cheaper.
    The main question I have for you is what are you running on it.....pc or console games?
    If for pc you will get the full resolution which is a much wider viewing space than a 1080 no matter what size it is...if your only running console than go with the tv cause even on an ultra wide it will only play @1080 or stretch it at most.
    AOC also makes some cheaper priced ultra wides aswell
  4. 40" 16:9 would at least in theory give you a wider fov then 35" 21:9 http://www.displaywars.com/40-inch-16x9-vs-35-inch-21x9

    However I have a 50" 1080p and the SDE requires me to move it way back and I get a bigger display area with my 35" ultrawide.

    Input lag is important the dell and lg ultrawides do have some but considerably less then your tv most likely. However the jump in price to the quicker ultrawides is quite immense. If you don´t need G-sync or more adjustable stand etc a BenQ XR3501 maybe? That curve is really nice though it does distort the image a bit. Noticable in desktop :) XR3501, Z35 and some Aoc run 2000CR the other ultrawides is almost flat.
  5. Kurupt CDN
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    Kurupt CDN
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  6. PicoBp
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    Another view on this: if you need it only for racing, go for the 16:9 and put it low behind the wheel, so the dash will match your wheel. But if you want to work as well (as myself also), go for the ultra wide.

    Here's a shot of my setup with my old wheel, used as an all rounder (racing, gaming, work):
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  7. I run an LG curved 34" ultrawide 21:9 3440x1440 screen as my only monitor and it works great for sim racing, flying, and Arma 3. I have my view set up just like Pico's and it works great. I'm using a Renovatio SRD-9c dash so I can turn off the HUD in-game and don't need the instruments in the cockpit.
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  8. Richard Hessels
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    Richard Hessels

    I recently bought a 2nd hand 42" Panasonic plasma TV in very mint condition for only 150,- euro.
    Great value, almost zero lag.
  9. Thank you all for the responses, My 2 choices are the dell curved ultra wide or the ben q curved, i am a graphic designer and i work alot from home, when im not in iracing or in elite or being a witcher. Ben q is 1080p at 144hz, dell is 1440p at 60hz but i have seen people can get the dell up to about 80hz? I have a alienware x51 and am strictly pc gaming and design. Just put a 970 in my x51 so im very excited for a new monitor. again thanks guys for all the info!
  10. my panasonic plasma tv is sitting in my basement with the red light of death. very good tv for gaming. cost as much to fix as it would to get a new tv.
  11. In rF2, the 970 @1080 isn't likely going to generate 144 fps often enough to warrant the Benq unless you turn down some graphic settings. Other games may do better.
  12. PaulH
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    I have the Benq XR3501 144hz Monitor & its amazing, my racing sims look great & all other games, I have a GTX 970 too :thumbsup:
  13. hmm as a graphics designer can you deel with the geometric incorrectness of a curved display :)
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  14. Thats a good question. Ill look for one at the local stores to get an idea. again thanks for the help everyone. did not think of that
  15. I noticed a real step in specs from LG to Samsung that got me wonder: which parameter makes most different, input lag? or response time? Seems that the two are a trade-off on lower-end rigs.