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Ultrawide advice...

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Keith Gregg, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. Keith Gregg

    Keith Gregg
    Born to lose. Premium

    I am thinking of replacing my triple 24" setup with an ultrawide 34" and I am interested in hearing your views on whether this is a good move or not.
    I once owned a 25" ultrawide and whilst I liked the resolution, the actual display area was tiny so I would need a 34" (any more than that is beyond my budget right now)...and I was wondering what the actual display area of a 34" is (HxW) in centimeters.
    Also...would it be possible to, say, run an ultrawide (center) and 2 normal monitors (each side) in nvidia surround as 1 screen, like I do at present with the 3 x 24" screens.
    Any help appreciated.
  2. You can calculate the size. You know the diagonal and with the aspect ratio you can calculate the width and height.
  3. You'll find HxW dimensions on the vendor website. I'm at work so can't measure my Predator z35, but I can tell you my experience. Personally I'd like triples, but the ultrawide is excellent and a better for my circumstances. It's horses for courses, I don't really have the space and only have one PC for everything. A triple screen racing setup generally needs it's own dedicated PC for convenience.

    The 35" ultrawide has the height of around a 27" monitor with the extra width. It's perfect for open cockpit vehicles. For other cars at the correct FOV it varies on how much wing mirror you see. Not alot on the whole, but enough see more out of your windscreen at a realistic FOV.

    A 35" ultrawide centre and two 27" on the sides will work technically. However the panels won't be exactly the same height. I've already done the research, the 27" panel will be a couple of CMs shorter.
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  4. I love my LG Ultra wide 34" monitor. I sit quite close and to me it gives a good impression of the cars windscreen compared to a smaller monitor. Raceroom looks particularly impressive. I can't have a 3 monitor setup (well I could but I don't want one) because I also do many other things on my PC and a single monitor is more useful for me. I only fit my T500 to the desk for club race nights and then it comes off again. That's the way I like it. I also like watching race replays with a TV style cam and having 3 monitors would spoil that for me.
  5. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    Touring car fanatic Premium

    I switched from triples to a dell 34" ultra wide curved 3440 x 1440p monitor and really enjoy it, not as much viewing space as triples but equivalent to x2 24" side by side, videos look crystal clear and daily tasks are much more convenient.
    Triples where great for racing but i got tired of constantly upgrading my gpu to run newer games at a decent graphic setting.....more screens, more power, bezels bugged me, having to format your resolution with every gpu driver update etc.
  6. Keith Gregg

    Keith Gregg
    Born to lose. Premium

    Many thanks guys