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Misc Ultra Realistic Graphic Mod for F1 2016 with SweetFx 2016-08-22

F1 2016 Graphic Mod

  1. Gaspedal submitted a new resource:

    Ultra Realistic Graphic Mode for F1 2016 with sweetfx - F1 2016 Graphic Mod

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  2. Just dragging it in to f1 2016 isn't working. What folder does it all need to go in to?
  3. simply put the files in your main folder of "F1 2016". But this mod is only for DirectX 10/11/12 Graphic cards.
  4. Every time I tab out of the game it crashes. Does anyone else has this problem?
  5. Maverick24


    No works perfectly for me
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  6. Try to do alt+enter. it wil go to 'windowd' then you can click it away :)
  7. What version of Sweetfx do I need to install before I try the mod .
  8. just un-pack the winrar file and drop the files in your f12016 folder. it works instantly
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  9. Perfect, very good !!! :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2016
  10. Love it great work !
  11. Looks very good and the best part is no issue on performnance
  12. I do get a crash every i i exit the game or go from full screen to windowed
  13. gonna make a backup of my game, then install this ..... looks awesome !
  14. No need to back up anything. This only add 4 files and they are easily removed.

    I don't like it though. I actually prefer the original.
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  15. its a close call for me. a little too dark/bleak but i think its considerably sharper...w/ default i found i preferred the gamma at .90. might try the edit suggested in the reviews & see if i get the compromise im looking for
  16. only for me, the setting it's total wrong??? the color it's too seppia and if i set the saturatiot to -0.2(0.0) the light it's like the 5 A.M., i see your screenshot and see a race with too light like dawn and less colour, and the withe it's like pink...
  17. no, tested on diferent 4 screens here and calibrated with a expensive calibrating device Voltcraft RGB2000 for TV Color Calibrating. The rating of other Players confirm this. Maybe you have to check your display- or driver settings? And as said, mod only for DX11/12 Video cards.
    Screenshots are created with Ultra Settings ingame (only "reflections on car" is on "high") on QHD Screen 21:9.
    good luck!
  18. Having issue installing any version of SweetFX / Reshade onto F1 2016. It puts the game to 1 FPS.
    Anyone managed to fix this issue?

    Found the issue, for what ever reason, any version of sweetfx/reshade/enb automatically takes hundreds of screenshots.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2016
  19. looks good in game!

    i backup before adding any mod .... thats just me :)
  20. Ahm, am i the only one who can't Shitf+Tab (the steam menu) with this mod?