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Mods Ultra+ for Dirt Rally 1.02 1.0

Enhanced Graphical effects for the beasty computer

  1. TemplarGFX submitted a new resource:

    Ultra+ for Dirt Rally 1.02 - Enhanced Graphical effects for the beasty computer

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  2. Nice, would be great if someone could do this with a external interface to with ability to choose what you want added, like check boxes. I know we are not all programmers, but it would help the "bring you system to its knees" part of experimenting with settings.
  3. Good to see you back Templar. I've used you particle mod previously and I'm just using that part of the Ultra+ mod now. I think you've got Greece spot on but in Wales, is it possible to cut out the fine mud following the cars and boost the larger particles, rocks etc? The fine mud just looks like smoke during the replays. Also, is it possible to get the larger particles and rocks thrown up by the car to stay visible on the track for longer, instead of immediately disappearing? Thanks.
  4. It is possible, if you have half a year :p

    There are about 25 different particle types for different dirt surfaces, and each of those has about 40+ individual lines of settings, with each setting line having 2 or more variables to change. Each line controls a type of particle production for that effect, and so every one needs changing. Finding just the right bits and increasing those only would be one hell of a big job!
  5. Ok, thanks for the reply. I'll look forward to the update in 6 months then. :D
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  6. The particle part of this mod? How do I find that part? (Rocks,dust)?

    Iv tried it. I think that this needs to be much more optimized. I have a very powerful computer/card etc.. I run all on ultra and get 60+ frames but with this mod lower the fps with almost 50%.. I would love to see the LOD get incresed. In heli-replays, the grass still lags.

    But I love the particle part!

    Anyway, great to see mods like this. Hope it can be better! :) keep it up
  7. This is very much a version 1.0 Im still figuring out what all these millions of settings actually do!

    Last night I just figured out how to modify vehicle deformation to allow much more painful looking crashes! Visual only so it works online too!
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  8. Yea, I understad and you are doing a fantastic job!! I think it will be great!

    And as I said, the particle part did get this sim to a higher level. Greece and Wales is awesome now! Is it possible to make the same amount of gravel spray and rocks trowing away in Finland to???? Would be so nice!!

    And about the damage you are working on... cant wait! :) :)
  9. I am trying to figure out at the moment how to tell what emitter does what, so that I can create a better particle effects by increasing the count of 3d rocks and stuff only. So far its a complete stab in the dark

    If I wasn't at work, id post an image I uploaded to steam. I crashed the Audi Quattro into a sign at about 180km/h with the new damage visuals. the car did not look good LOL
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  10. I haven't downloaded this because my machine probably won't run it. However I would like to turn parts of this mod, is it able to be broken up into, particles, damage, etc like before? It would be really cool if you could collaborate with the mod manager folks to add these to tun on/off different general effects. Maybe even do a high/medium/low/default type for say particles. Talk or type is cheap and easy, so maybe I am asking a lot.
  11. These settings already scale according to your choice in game. For example if you install this and choose LOW on particles, less particles will be generated than the max settings I have put into the files. Same with all the other settings.

    so say you run on High usually, with this, running on Medium will give you similar graphics quality and similar performance as before, however high will now be higher quality, and have more performance impact.

    I hope that makes sense.

    When I do an update, I will split it up into seperate installs (unless I can figure out a better way)
  12. @TemplarGFX yes that makes perfect sense, thanks. I guess my only grip with DiRT Rally is the lower quality of the particle system (or use of) the dust/smoke is fine for me, but the gravel and rocks are very minimal and disappointing. Thats the only reason that I am after you about breaking it up. I know I sound like a pain, but I do like what your doing. I also know it takes a lot of time, and I appreciate you working on this.
  13. This is great news. I'm severely disappointed at how bullet proof the cars can be. Even clipping a mud bank at 40mph should produce some visual damage and hitting a Hinkelstein at 80 should disintegrate it. Would you be able to lower the tolerance threshold of the damage modelling too?

    Speaking of damage, does you mechanical damage mod still work with v1.0? I've not used it for the last few updates but I'll definitely re-install it if it does. Thanks.
  14. The old mod will not work, as the new car type is not listed in the file. However the changes still work (I have redone them for myself) but like before you lose the ability to go online or save progress. For me I don't mind this as I just play Custom races. Visual Damage doesn't seem to effect online/saving but of course it can look a little rediculous driving around in a car that clearly shouldn't be driveable!

    Here are a few screens of what it looks like to crash in Dirt when the damage is actually realistic :

    That was a solid rock!
    I got up-close and personal with the Castrol sign
    That is one strong tree!
    Suprisingly, this still drove!

    In regards to the rocks and stuff, I have made some headway. Using Finland I have figured out the different emitters for that surface type, but that was quite late last night, so I didn't get to actually do anything with the discovery :( Tonight!
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  15. @TemplarGFX wow that's really cool to see, this game just keeps getting better thanks to you and the others, really liking your work especially
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  16. Templar, those screen shots are mouth-watering. That is just the sort of damage I would expect from a high speed crash. Very well done sir! Coupled with your mechanical damage mod, this would push DR much, much closer to being a true sim.

    I didn’t quite understand what you meant when you said the old (mechanical damage) mod would not work but the changes would? Have you released an update for it or something? Thanks and keep up the great work.
  17. yeah sorry about that, I meant the old raceload file only has 4 classes of vehicles, while the current version of the game contains 5. You can't use the old mod because of this, but you can still edit the files like before.

    I haven't updated the damage mod yet, as I need to do each car individually for the visual damage and I might as well put them both in a pack together, Mechanical and Visual!

    Unfortunately its not really possible to make the car die on a hard hit, without resorting to wheels popping off to trigger terminal damage. The engine does not directly take damage itself, but wears down according to some factor. In the meantime I've gone with making the engine performance dive heavily, and it cut out alot.

    Would people prefer a realistic "terminal" crash impact velocity, that triggers the "terminal damage" screen, or be allowed to continue limping on in a severely smashed car? The only issue I have with the terminal damage system is that it interferes with slo-mo replays. However knowing a realistic impact is going to end it instantly hightens the gameplay!



    On to particles, I have figured you how to identify which emitter does objects that use 3 dimensions, so unfortunately its now down to going through and changing them all!
    Im still working out exactly what all the values are for, but as you can see, theres a fair bit here
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  18. Great stuff, thanks. I'll eagerly await it.

    For me, it's realistic 'terminal damage'. As you say, It's the anticipation that a serious crash could end the rally that heightens the experience. Or you could do one of each? :confused: ;)
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  19. Oh this will be some awesome mods, particle will be so nice if it works at every rally as now but adding Finland as well! :)

    As for the damage, If I for example hit a tree in 100km/h it should be all over like in real, a big stone as well... But if I roll the car and dont "hit" anything like trees and stones and make a 3-4 rolls in a average speed then ofc I think the car could drive but with big problems ofc.

    You seems to know this, so do it as realistic as it can be! :)

    The point is, if I go off the road in a higher speed I want the rally to be over...

    It would be nice also if you could make it more realistic for the tyres/rims. If we hit a big stone with a wheel in higher speed, it would be nice if the rim/tyre got smashed..

    Cant wait for this, see how it comes along!
  20. Would be absolutely awesome to see those stone/mud particles stay a bit longer on the surface before they get deleted/become invisible!
    I hope you can manage that. Thanks for your efforts, Templar!