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Cameras Ultimate Realism Mod - Scuderia Ferrari 0.9

Enhanced Audio + Real Cameras

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  1. Roderick Kennedy

    Roderick Kennedy
    Premium Member

    Thank you.:thumbsup:
  2. since I see you know to do some stuff with audio is it possible to use engine sound from the farest camera in f1 2013 (awesome sound ) while driving with t-cam.
  3. Thanks again
  4. From the Chase Cameras , When you go inside the "carsetup" File you will see underneath each car for example fe2 for ferrari there is a Couple of lines with X,Y,Z Coordinates these are for the distance that you hear the sound from the car,

    So from the distance of the sound you could create different effects from just simply changing the position of the X,Y,Z

    Hope this helps you guys out:thumbsup:
  5. Sorry just remembered The X,Y,Z
    X Is Left to Right so ,,, 0.0 is the Middle of the car this does not need Changing,,,
    Y Is the Hight Up & Down 0. Being the Pivot Point set at Zero 8 being about Driver head hight sat in the Car.
    Z is Forward and Backward Motion , This is what you are referring to Changing the Z Axis is Where the Sound effects will be altered,
    If 0.0 is the Center Pivot Point and the car is 0.7 For example the .7 will be set to the Rear of the Car,

    Go up in steps on the Z Axis try it from 0.7 - 0.999 And just see what difference this change makes,

    But please just be aware that there are over 25 Different Camera Angles so in Changing the X,Y,Z Axis coordinates to get a pleasing sound on one View This will Effect Every=Camera Sound Even down to the Replays,,,;)
  6. Untitled-1.jpg
    IF The Z Axis is set to -1.0 Then the Sound you are wanting will be achieved if you set the Z Axis Pivot Point to Between , (-3.500 / -5.000) ;)
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  7. My gamepay this mod

  8. I have tried to do something like that but without any success . If you have the time maybe you could look up those lines and see what we need to change to have that effect. Everything I doo crashem my game. HELLLLPPPPPP
  9. Explain again what you are referring to m8 I have been asked tons of Questions today:thumbsup:
  10. Im asking how to use sound from chase camera while driving with t-cam. :)
  11. I Tried earlier Making my latest mod Vodafone Mclaren I had it to -15.0 and could not tell any difference I think some of these settings are just for show.
    I can not understand why your game kept crashing but Today for me as been a nightmare.

    My latest mod "Ultimate Realism Mod" VodaFone Mclaren ,, As been a joke the game would not save any of my settings I just gave up after 3 Hours trying,:thumbsup:
  12. If you manage to resolve that isue I beg you to post or your file with finishe audio or atleast ome instruction on what to chance. Im lost tottaly with this xml files...
  13. Like I said m8 ,, I could not tell any difference only slight change but not the effect you was after but if you are wanting a Pure F1 Audio sound like the Chase Camera Ill make one for you , :thumbsup:
  14. Please do. Sound in F1 2013 is way better than in 2012 but the chase sound is awesome. If you have the time please make something and will try it right away,THANK YOU
  15. Thank you so much for this very aggressive, exquisitely roaring FERRARI sound! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Enzo would be proud! As for cm, not so much (he must be rolling in his...) :whistling:
  16. I Just wish that I could edit the Audio BDL File itself I would not rest until EveryCar was 100% accurate down to a Pin Drop:thumbsup:
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  17. I have noticed that in every realism mod the carsetup.xml info have varying modified dates... I'm just wondering do I have to overwrite the carsetup.xml file each time I install a realism mod? Is the carsetup.xml used for ferrari different to the one with lotus' realism mod?

    Thanks for the mods by the way chargingcar.
  18. Yes :thumbsup: