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Cameras Ultimate Realism mod - Mercedes GP 1.0

Enhanced audio + real camera angles

  1. chargingcar submitted a new resource:

    Ultimate Realism mod - Mercedes GP - Enhanced audio + real camera angles

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  2. Thank you. It's REAL NICE!
  3. No offense but how can you even consider using 2011 motor sounds.
  4. To be Honest 2010 11 12 & 13 Are the only Games that we can use the audio from ,, So in saying that this makes No difference to me what so ever,
    In creating these audio sounds and editing the XML Files itself I personally aim to achieve the Most realistic sound to Real life as Possible So if this means using 2010/11 sounds then this is what it takes to do so.
    If I could create the sounds from scratch myself I would be happy to do so but until then I use what ever materials I deem necessary to create the most realistic sound that is possible.
    But after all said and done I only create these Files for myself For my own videos/replays and so on I only started to share these Audios and Cameras because people showed and interest in what I was trying to achieve so if these Mods are not to your satisfaction then by all means do not download them.
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  5. My gameplay this mod

  6. well said