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Misc Ultimate LOD,s 2014 1.0

Ultra settings lod

  1. Hm, funny I was about to release a very similar mod which I finished 10 hours ago but wanted the people who requested it to test before.
    I have edited the raceload.jpk + the carlodsettings.xml though ... funny day. (ah yeah multi livery would be included again, too haha)
  2. I do not alter anything that effects the database , never have ,
    Someone left a 4star rating saying that the cars are really low res , talking absolute rubbish , I am running Titan Black sli , and trust me theres nothing low res at 5760x1080 on Benq tripple championship monitors :confused:
  3. I see all the other cars in low graphics, please can you upload the original file?
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  4. I am also seeing absolute lowest lod cars for all opponents @ ultra detail and am running a 980 gtx @ 2560x1600.
  5. Ill check again but on my PC everything is Ultra after running the settings over 4 days :(
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  6. I love your Mods dude but there does seem to be something wrong, I ran the benchmark after applying your mod and got more fps than before and the opponents in the race were definitely lower res, but frontend and pre-race the cars looked better???? I'm running a GTX780.
  7. I just changed some settings around its improved it a lot , really strange lod settings to 2013 I will update a fix shortly :)
    At 5760x1080 looked fine at 1080 looks bad :confused:
  8. Cool! I'll keep an eye out for the update......keep up the good work :)
  9. Hello! Is this mod for only cars,or does it change all graphics better? intel i5 and 560gtx too low for this?