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Skins Ultimate Legend Mod 2.0

Classic 80's mod is replaced by a brand new Legend Mod that includes Senna, Lauda, Hunt etc...

  1. Meff28s


    Meff28s submitted a new resource:

    Ultimate Legend Mod - Classic 80's mod is replaced by a brand new Legend Mod that includes Senna, Lauda, Hunt etc...

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Oh man ........ I just know that statement may not do you much good.

    You really need to get the other modder's permission to use their work here before uploading.

    At the barest minimum you need to credit (name), each modder who's work has been included within your mod. That would help you a lot, but not totally, people do get angry when they are not asked.

    I advise you to add the credits quickly, and be prepared for some diplomacy here :)
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  3. Lesley Buurlage

    Lesley Buurlage

    Nice idea! Going to give this a try. But just what graham said, ask permission and give credits
  4. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    Ohhh, this liverys.... :inlove:
  5. Meff28s


    In fact I've downloaded every single classic ressource from this forum then i used everyone's work in a certain way.. That's why i said that i thank your great community to help me creating this mod.

    Thank you Benutzername, to give precision about the liveries i've all made them with the models created by M2166. I began with the McLaren M26 of James Hunt with the c01 base of the 312T2.. many issues with cloned areas all over the car. I gave up and tried with a new base : c02 (Williams A.Jones/A.Prost). In fact the 3D model of the car looks more like the real M26. Also many problems with the textures but i did my best to get something quite realistic. Then i tried to create new McLaren 88/89 liverys different from those i've seen here on RD. I realised that the shape of the MP4/5 was quite exactly the same as the Lotus 86 allready in th game ! Both cars have a sort of prolonged visor in front of the cockpit and the cloned areas allowed me to create a White/Red Nose with the correct ammount of sponsors and position. Some days after I tried a new McLaren, Hakkinen's one. I was obliged to create it from a c12 base (Williams Mansell/Hill) which has a texture that allows the most painting possibilities. The same night I did Hill's Mansell's and Piquet's Williams. Painting the Rothmans Williams was HELL with all the stripes of the logo all around the car.. !

    Yesterday i created Lauda's Helmet which ruined my entire day because of the Romerquelle logo.. those who paint helmets may understand ^^

    Anyway if anyone wants to improve every single skin that is in this mod, i'll let him do it with a lot of pleasure !
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  6. It's not only about credit - but you can't just take someone else's work and upload it again, even if you've changed it. You HAVE to ask permission from the original authors.

    Unless, of course, you did everything on your own. In that case, I apologize.
  7. Lesley Buurlage

    Lesley Buurlage

    I treid it, all the skins are (as far ss i see) self-made. Only thing i see is keke's helmet made by gerald
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  8. Okay, thanks :)
  9. Awesome stuff.
  10. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff


    If that is the case, then I mis-interpreted your initial statement and I apologise. That initial text implies that the mod is a compilation. So I could see a major storm approaching.

    Gerald is usually pretty chilled... But a credit would be nice.

    So I'll get out of your hair and this thread assuming that is the case :)

    Last edited: Dec 16, 2013
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  11. Great job !:thumbsup:
  12. It looks great. I don't seem to see the "Multi livery mod" in the rar file that you mention. Lost all my 2013 car liveries. Do you have instructions in how to get them back?
  13. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    You've lost your liveries because the raceload.jpk file has been changed in this mod, just like some of the mods in 2012.

    To get your liveries back you need to put back your original raceload.jpk file that you should have backed up before you installed this mod.

    If you do not have it, you'll need to re-verify your file system through steam
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  15. Could someone make a TuT how to install this...it looks great, but i am aware, because of this livery problems with the multi livery mod
  16. ok...understood how to install, but i have a problem...i installed it, but the textures look weird, and lauda for example is still berger...
  17. Did you change the language_eng file to your nationality
  18. Thanks for the info. I will try that now.
  19. Meff28s


    Well you could do something else without re-installing anything ! You only have to copy/paste and rename some files. This is explained inside the Multilivery mod topic. For example, the Ferrari skins are loaded in the cars/fe2/livery_main/ folder. The files are a low resolution texture and a high one. The multilivery mod change the loaded folder position onto cars/fe2/livery_00 and livery_01 to allow teams to have different textures for each car. What you have to do is copy/paste the fe2_gen_high_main inside livery_00/textures_high/ folder and rename it fe2_gen_high_00 instead of fe2_gen_high_main. Do the same for livery_01 and rename it fe2_gen_high_01, and do the same for low resolutions files. Go into my modded cars folders to see how it works for working classic cars.
  20. I
    Thanks. I'll do this. I understand how the file structures work etc. Just don't know how to fix this.