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Steering Wheels Ultimate HD F1 Wheel Pack + PSD PT1 1.0

24,3ds , 26,PSD , 26, PSSG

  1. Dear Chargingcar, your download link brings us only to a jpeg image. I can't download his incredible work you've done.

  2. the link is or was at the bottom
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  3. Hmm i have some trouble understanding how to install the leds, you say:

    "all "simplefonts" Leds go inside simplefonts in the F1 2013 Main Folder."

    Thats all good but you have 3 folders with the same files in them, one red, one green and one blue. Do i have to choose what color leds i want? or do i just put the whole folder "Ultimate F1 Wheel Pack #4\SimpleFonts , Display Mod\simplefonts mod" into the "F1_2013\simplefonts"-folder?

    Anyone feeling like helping with my leds question?

    Last edited: Jan 8, 2014
  4. chargingcar…

    Fantastic wheel set. I'm curious about a couple of things.

    • Re: the "generics", have you been able to mod the yellow/blue/green/etc. flag lights (the cluster of three LEDs on each side)? I can find the DDS files for the "off" lights, but not "on".

    • You have a few different versions of the shift LEDs included. Do I need to inject my choice into each wheel PSSG file as necessary?

    Thanks if you have the time to answer!
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

  6. gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I like to know too. I want the HD wheels, but not the oval LEDs.
  8. More than half the Wheels have been updated are different , I have made changes and updated nearly all the work, The LED,s and displays are different + I have added 3DModels and PSD Files ,
    To be honest I did not realize until it had been uploaded that I would have had to split it into 4 parts or I would not have shared it,
    Make your mind up on one hand you are saying that we want exclusive rights to mods IE , Taking away external links to have the full rights to peoples work,
    Then crying that you have no more space to keep them , You make me laugh :roflmao:
  9. There is no oval leds , I made the leds in my Wheels with the realistic leds just for that 1 reason as the oval leds are not realistic at all ,
    I have explained in the description that I have set the benchmark , Feel free to use and edit the PSD Files and make any changes that you require and then reupload your work! :thumbsup:
  10. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    First of all i am asking a normal question and by no means am I crying. Secondly I don't appreciate the disrespectful tone you are having lately when it comes to how we run the site.

    You made your point with your external links, we made ours via pm as well. Lets agree to disagree.
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  11. I know what you are saying I ear you,
    If I would have realized that my wheel pack mod would have been split into 4 parts ,
    I would have updated each wheel individual on its own so yes that would have saved space ,
    I got told that I had to take away my link and split the mod ,
    It was only after I split it up and made it into 4 parts later after thinking about it , I then realized it would have been better to update all the works on there own ,
    If someone had taken the time to post a thread and explain the situation clearly this confusion could have been avoided ,
    No hard feelings :thumbsup:
  12. Can you replace the red K for KERS with a green E for ERS in the display?