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Misc Ultimate Driver Specific HQ Livery 1.3

allows team main textures and driver specific textures at the same time

  1. ParkYongLee submitted a new resource:

    Ultimate Driver Specific Livery - allows team main textures and driver specific textures at the same time (works with 90's cars DLC)

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  2. The loading structure of the suits, gloves, helmets are the same. Nothing changed about them. It's only for the cars.
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  3. Indeed, but I added the note in the overview to make that clear again.
  4. Different steering wheels for each driver?Sounds great, but I don't know whether the raceload can change that too or not.
  5. The file can, the game seems unable to work with it though. A quick test ended in CTD when loading a race, a deeper change (changing static teamname to atlas teamname like livery) endet in CTD when loading the game.
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  7. Huh?
  8. Im having trouble with all cars in the distance infront and behind of me not having tyres during the race and in replays, its clearly a loading of textures issue. Has anyone actually tested this? Something else needs to be changed for this mod to work properly whether its in the raceload file or in file structure.
  9. Let me check that, maybe I accidently uploaded the experimental file where I changed the tyre LODs
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  10. Come again? I just downloaded this file from RD

    here's my modded game:


    here's my backup (not modded only this raceload.jpk) game:


    I don't see anything ruined.

    And P.S.: the file is 99,99993% the same, only one entry got changed at car_loader.xml
      <%21%pssg processor="VehicleManagerPlugin" filename="/data/cars/%23%/%23%_highLOD.pssg" bindAfterLoad="1" userdata="TyreGeoHi" parameters="1" map="PSSG" pool="PSSG_DEFAULT" temporaryPool="PSSG_TEMP" /%21%>
      <%21%pssg processor="VehicleManagerPlugin" filename="/data/cars/%23%/%23%_%3%LOD.pssg" bindAfterLoad="1" userdata="TyreGeoHi" parameters="1" map="PSSG" pool="PSSG_DEFAULT" temporaryPool="PSSG_TEMP" /%21%>
    which fixed the tyre issue and did not touch anything related to liveries or filestructure.
    So if the old file worked for you, the new one ruining everything would be a technical miracle.
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  11. I'm so sorry! I accidentally downloaded Melphiz' thinking it was yours (was during an add break of the Bahrain GP so I was in a mad rush)! Again, my apologies and I will test your update now. Cheers!

    Edit: Fixed my issues completely as you stated it would. Thanks so much for this, perfect game now!
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  12. airutonpurosuto8912


    Works for me!
  13. I tried after Melphiz made this mod and uploaded it after the 2013 release ,
    to be ultimate it would work how I wanted his mod to work ,
    I brought the 2012 .pssg files and replaced them with the 2013 cars , then deleted the livery main , and then renamed the 2012 main textures and structured them just the same as his mod again , but still the same result with the UV,s been messed up but did notice some improvement to the mapping , but still nothing that would enable us to use the 2012 cars ingame ,
    So the 2013 cars is no different to still using Melphiz original mod ,
    But been able to mod the DLC is what I asked him to be able to do about 5 months ago , I did not really understand how it worked so failed to mod the JPK Myself ,
    This mod you should remap all the DLC Cars from the 90,s and upload the templates then it would be a useful mod for people to use , but without giving the templates to people you are leaving the task to maybe 1-2 people to remap the textures which is a massive task doing it blind but his still achievable to do :thumbsup:
  14. I wonder if there is a way , to mod the 2012 game so it allows you to race on the 2013 servers , all I can see the issue is that just changing the CTF Files from 2013 to 2012 game is all that would be needed , then just modifying the .dll,s and a couple of xml files maybe that would be sweet :whistling: