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Cameras Ultimate Cam Pack 1.1

Cam Mod/Pack for all 2013 Cars

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  2. Thank you!!!

    Did you check the t-cams for Lotus?
  3. Very nice cam pack, but there is a bug that acurres exactly like in a cam packedge from last year: " Modmate Centred Modcams 2012 v 1.4"
    In career mode and online, just right before the race, the camera is not switching into the cockpit properly. Then you are trapped outside of the car.
  4. Nice cams but when i'm in the garage it looks like you see inside helmet.
    The bottom part is grey
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  5. Great job !!! Great !!!

    thanks~ CrossfadeKill :)

    ★★★★★ :thumbsup:
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  7. wow, this cams are amazing :)
    could u please make a version without any movement on the t-cam? i was doing nurburgring today and was feeling like riding a rally car :D everything else looks perfect, thanks :thumbsup:
  8. CrossfadeKill's Ultimate Cam Pack 1.0
    Ultimate Cam Mod/Pack 1.0 // All Cars
    screenshot # 01
    screenshot # 02
    screenshot # 03
    screenshot # 04
    screenshot # 05
    screenshot # 06
    screenshot # 07
    screenshot # 08
    screenshot # 09
    screenshot # 10
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  9. screenshot # 11 normal
    screenshot # 12 movement
    screenshot # 13 normal
    screenshot # 14 movement
    screenshot # 15 normal
    screenshot # 16 movement

    CrossfadeKill's Ultimate Cam Pack 1.0 :thumbsup:
    Read more about this resource...
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  10. yes i have ckeck cams for Lotus and have it updated so far i know

    but if its not the updated file u can download here, so visit the youtube link to download the updated file
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  11. yeah it happens to me too some times (in singleplayer) happens it in Multiplayer too? that can be by copy the New/Old Track Replay Cams - so far i know all Mods which not change Database / Tracksettings, Racinglines a.s.o. works in Multiplayer. Try to use the Orignial Replay Cams from the Backup
  12. T-Cam are Movine oO??? Not @ Me ... which Car
  13. INFO: I try to make next time a second Pack with more realistic Replay Cameras to become more Trackside "shots" @ Overtaking Points ... i hate the Codemaster Style to change in Onboard Cams by Overtake - and try to ad some DoF (Death of Field) like seen @ Catalunya by using Original F1 2013 Replay Cams.

    PS. Sorry for my English :)
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  14. I think what he is referring to is that when you drive a car you tilt your head to compensate for the tilting of the car in a corner due to the G-force, so that you receive a steady picture through your vision. And you turn your head so you can follow the road better. What you did feels unnatural from driving stand point.
  15. i know what he mean but i dont know why the T-cam is moving @ him. i have not added a moving T-Cam ... just edit the POV oO. if he can he can make a video for me so i can see it why the T-Cam is moving @ him.
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  16. is it possible to implement these cameras for split screen too?
  17. here's some footage of the movement i mean... the g-forces are pressing the cam a bit from left to right and up and down... to be fair, it's not that much but it feels quite strange while driving

    and here's some footage of f1 2012 t-cam which is also moving a bit but not that much like in f1 2013... i would love to have no movement at all if possible :)
  18. CrossfadeKill updated Ultimate Cam Pack/Mod with a new update entry:

    Ultimate Cam Mod/Pack ver. 1.1 incl. new Cams for the 5 Classic Cars from standard Edition

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  19. maybe ... i have not tested yet
  20. What is the Issue with the Classic Cars m8 ,, I was going to start on them later tomoz I have not tried the Files as of yet?;)