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Misc UIData 1.0

aysberg's HD Hud for rFactor (GSCE modified)

  1. Angelq117 submitted a new resource:

    UIData - aysberg's HD Hud for rFactor (GSCE modified)

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  2. solid work. thx
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  3. Ive been running this UI for a while now. I love it. Thanks for adding the wheel rotations. I have a quick question. I have quite a few mods installed and the UI starts to get really low fps when viewing the cars. anyway to boost the performance of the UI?
  4. Pleasure. Best solution I can think of is creating a separate rfm file for each mod. So that you don't see all the cars, but merely the ones selected. At this stage GSC usually throws all custom mods together in the Reiza5.rfm if I am not mistaken.

    Will get back to you on that one. Maybe I can try and develop an easy rfm creator or something using Delphi.
  5. Yah when i go into the separate rfms its fine. It just when i have it showing all cars that it runs slow.
  6. Would anyone care to show a picture of what it looks like? Or is it just options and no I.U graphic changes? Thanks :)
  7. Basically it's a clean, tabbed interface which is easier to navigate.



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  8. Thank you David, much clearer now.
  9. hello. great interface !! but on the set you can add the regulation sized rear brake disc? which is only regulates the front and is necessary to regulate the two discs.

    thanks and regards
  10. Crash in GSCE 1.3 :(
  11. same here. everything is fine until I hit start in the pit menu
  12. It's still working fine for me with 1.3
  13. question is it crashing with official cars too. Mine works with official cars. only my mod cars car causing the crash

    EDIT: nevermind, its happening on official content as well.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2015
  14. i think that might be the same one i have.. Im using the non steam version
  15. I have 2 intallations, one on Steam a another non-Steam. The non-Steam version (lite made by me) is for testing mods and today is crashing. I don't now why.:(
  16. I have a vanilla non steam with no mods and that one works fine. Its my modded version that crashes. When I get home from work I'll test my mod folder with the default ui and see if I get the same results
  17. Ok I figured out my issue. It was the spotter addon I installed. I guess it isnt compatible with the latest update. Not sure if this is the same issue for you guess but i figured Id share.
  18. The Reiza could make a interface with car upgrades
  19. Has anybody got this to work with GSC v1.31. Tried to get it to work but just defaults back standard uidata.