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Misc UI, rfDynHUD, Spotter & Wombats.dll Version 1.2

UI (User Interface), rfDynHUD (Incl Helmet View), SpotterAddon (F1Dave), Wombat's .dll

  1. Angelq117 submitted a new resource:

    UI, rfDynHUD, Spotter & Wombats.dll - ui,rfdynhud,spotteraddon,wombat,dll,rlsa,

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  2. Hi, What does "spotter" and "wombat" mean?
  3. Ok Wombat's .dll file helps with fps on certain GPU cards. I for one experienced a lot of shuttering while driving with a filled grid. This .dll helped me get rid of that and my FPS is much much better.
    The SpotterAddon is a race engineer voice. A guy telling you to push harder, when tyre temps & brake temps are optimal etc. It is a bit loud by default, but the volume can be turned up or down in the SpotterAddon config. You can also adjust certain levels where the Engineer should warn you about temps, wear or even opponents etc.
    Makes sim-racing a bit more like the real thing imo - but like I said... not everyone likes it. Try it... and if you don't like it... simply remove the SpotterAddon folder and the SpotterAddon.dll inside the GSC folder and plugins.
    I have mine set to voice recognition... so I can literally ask him for temps and he will give it. I can ask sector times, and he will tell me how much faster or slower I am on each sector compared to the fastest driver... or my best lap, depending on how you set it up. I can also request for a pit stop and I don't even have to push the "request pitstop" button. Things like that.

    With a bit more effort - one can create an audio file with each of your fellow sim-racing members' names (Simply use an app like Audacity to adjust your voice pitch etc so that it sounds close to that of "F1Dave") and then he will not refer to driver in 1st place or driver behind you, but he will say - "Sebastian Vettel is going for a pit stop, It looks like a 2 stop strategy".

    BTW - not saying it's perfect - you have to make sure you set the parameters in the config the way you like them - I left it as I am using it at this moment. But it adds to the immersion factor.
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  4. Well this has <snip> my game right up. Besides the fact nothing seems to work.
    Well done. :cautious:
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  5. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    Try running Gsync should get you back to default
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  6. hallo Bryan, i have 3 GSCE installs and this mod worked perfectly by just copying it into my game folders on each machine. Make sure you opened the Game Stock Car folder and only copied the necessary files appropriately. Like Angelq said - make a backup, which I hope you did. Then simply copy back the original UI Data first. I think that might be your main issue. but it sounds like you might only have some files in the wrong place. if you didn't make a backup, just ask if someone could upload the default files as well. angelq should most probably be able to assist with that as well.
    Or yes - try running the sync first. Should replace the UI Data automatically. Weird that it didn't work for you. :thumbsup:
  7. Has anyone else tried this yet? Or am I the only one that got it working? :confused:
    And I always thought I am a noob. :D
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  8. It's cool. Just deleted the contents of GSCE folder and used Sync to redownload.

    Not sure why this needs EVERY single GSCE system file in the download. It doesn't affect ffb so why is it there? It disabled mine. No amount of re-copying files fixed it.
    Stupidly packed with no instructions for use. Modding is generally not too bad but this is a minefield with all those files that are there for what? No explanation as to what does what and where or why.
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  9. Agreed, a couple of unnecessary files included. angelq can you please see if you cannot re-upload only the necessary files please? maybe my games weren't affected because I had clean installs with virtually no files to begin with.
    btw Bryan, can you perhaps point me to where i can also find a proper working real-feel mod for GSCE please? :D
    I also got myself a FFB wheel last week, but to be honest I didn't feel a lot of feedback either.
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  10. ReelFeel is included in this and is in my opinion brilliant straight out of the box.
    Maybe you need to adjust things in your profiler? What wheel do you have?
  11. Logitech Force GT
    Thanks will run GSCSync as well. lol
    Not being ungrateful angelq, but will wait for the revised upload.
    Maybe also give a bit of an explanation about each file or upload each mod separately perhaps. :thumbsup:
  12. Bryan need your help here bud. Would you mind testing my theory? Perhaps just make a full backup of your game folder first please.
    I think I figured out what causes the game to "break"

    Did you replace your .PLR file with the one attached?
    Coz it is pointing to a .rfm file which we don't have. When I replace my plr my game also doesn't launch again.
    I simply copied everything in, and when I had the 2 x rev counters, I followed the read me to disable the tachometer in my own .plr file.
  13. I am a :poop:. Thanks for trying to help raey. you are probably correct - my sincere apologies. will re-upload a proper mod tonight. I forgot about the .plr file, and yes I didn't have to include all the system files that I did. I actually made that backup folder so that I can merely copy them to any clean GSCE install I might have and everything should then work fine. But obviously I have the mods and tracks the plr file is pointing to. So if someone can confirm that the mod works otherwise, I will make sure to correct the issue and point it to a default rfm of reiza. And I will make sure I get rid of all the system files that isn't needed.
  14. don't worry angelq. everyone makes mistakes. just try and fix them if you can. we still appreciate the effort. will await the correction. still looks awesome btw and i love the engineer. no more falling asleep during a race. roflmao
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  15. angelq, maybe you could offer just the UI part as a workable mod?

    Spotter, rFDynHUD and Wombats DLL are already available as separate mods, and it would be more straightforward if people could install individually the mods they want.
    I was interested in the UI that you are using, but I did not download your mod as I would never download and install all four in one go - it is always likely to be more difficult to work things out when something goes wrong.
    No offence meant, just offering another point of view :)
  16. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri

    My guess is the UI comes from here
    I have this UI and it works a treat! Only thing that I have noticed as an issue is that you cannot set your wheel steering range. I have gotten around this by creating different controller files that are all the same apart from the range
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  17. Can you perhaps tell me if the wheel steering range was in the default UI - then we can try and get it working on this one as well. It is the one I used - I simply added the Amount of qualifying sessions option... so maybe we can add the Steering wheel range as well. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Hi Warren - I came right. Will upload shortly. Check screenshot below. Steering Wheel Range added. GSC 2014-10-01 17-32-56-79.jpg
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  19. This is a great lesson on NEVER blindly installing a addon\mod....especially a group.;)
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  20. Or a lesson in not lumping everything in one place with no idea/clues as to what is related to what?
    And ffb files? Really? For what?
    Bullshit. Somebody has just zip packed a whole load of unnecessary stuff being lazy.
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