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Uh-oh. Need Equipment Help

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Carl Abrams II, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. Suddenly, my pedals have been acting up. The brake is fine, but the throttle "jumps around". I've unplugged it, re-calibrated, nothing works. When I depress it, instead of a steady climb from 0% to 100%, it jumps all over the place, up to +/- 30% of where it actually should be. Holding partial throttle through corners, or, worse, holding pit road speed, is maddeningly frustrating.

    Any suggestions on what could cause this? It's a Logi MOMO if that matters. I've never had problems, haven't dropped it, don't beat on it. Literally nothing has changed since it worked perfectly. Please help =(
  2. Dirty potenimeter..
  3. I used this to spray some of the pedal's mechanisms: the actual sprockets under the pedal and the little cilinder next to it just about the base. I have a G27 though, but the principle might be the same. The parts I'm talking about are visible under the clutch pedal here.



    If you have a sprayer with straw, you don't need to dismantle your pedals.
  4. I have had to open up my G25 pedals twice already due to dust accumulating on the pedals. My brake was acting on its own, so I was accelarating and braking at the same time. Open the pedals up, and use a sprayer (compressed air). If you had a G25, I could put a tutorial here, but since it's a different wheel, I have no clue on how to open the pedals or anything.
  5. You don't need to actually open it up and break the warranty. I merely put the straw in the right direction and sprayed the hell out of the potentiometer. Depress the pedals a couple of times and you're fixed again.
  6. Mine is already out of warranty, so I did it anyways. :) I was a little concerned at first, whether it would work, but it really works. The pedals feel like new after giving them a full cleaning.
  7. Excellent news, gents. This is an eBay special, so no warranty to worry about. I'll get right on it. I'm so dumb with electronics, I usually shake them until I get frustrated, then shoot them with my .44. Thanks for saving me $300!!

    EDIT: 60 minutes later, and I'm back better than ever. Seriously, thanks again. That was pretty painless :)