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Tyres consumption

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by sciffo, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    In my opinion the tyres' consumption is too high (in particular supsoft/soft/medium)! Anyone knows which is (are) the file(s) that contain the consumption's rules?
    I think is the one (called compounds) in the "cars" folder...but since it's a .dat file I don't know how to modify it!
    Any suggestion? Thank you in advance!
  2. Try this: Using Ryder's database editor, open up the database, scroll down to track_model and select it, scroll right in the opened table until you see tyre_wear_level (it's almost completely to the right). Change the numbers to 1 I think.

    First thing I did was change Montreal's tyre wear to 3 because the AI was suggesting an impossible pit strategy with the default setting (options - prime - prime - prime - prime, we don't even get 4 sets of primes for the race, where was that 4th set coming from?).

    See if it works for you :)
  3. I think the main problem is your driving because I have no problems with tyres. I can even drive Canada 50 or 100% with 2 stops.
  4. Dont change it to 1 .
    It will increase the wear on the tires even more.
    The lowest tire wear will be 3. ( -0.1)
  5. ah ok, I'll try in a few minutes!
    Thank you all ;)
  6. Hmm, when I changed it to 3, the tyres were suggested to last less laps (post-patch). Some images:

    When it's on 1 (Montreal, 100%): wear1.jpg wear1-1.jpg

    When it's on 3 (Montreal, 100%): wear3.jpg wear3-1.jpg
  7. With -0,9 the supsoft consumption is almost 0...after 3 (q3) laps the condition is 99%...instead of 93% (on average)...
    I'm going to try -0,3...i think it's much more realistic...but maybe -0,2 is the best value...
  8. I confirm (I've made some tests in particular with Hungaroring circuit): value set to 1 produce an higher tyre's consumption...(e.g. Monza)...
    value se to 3 produce the lowest consumption...
  9. That's confusing. On my game Monza has low tyre wear and has a '1' under the tire_wear_level table in my database (which is in the track model table).

    Edit: I downloaded the patch again to get a fresh database, it still says '1' under the tire_wear_level. Are you looking at the track_tyre_wear_level in the left column? I'm not looking there, I'm looking under track_model
  10. The value you found inside the track_model refers to one of the 3 id contained in the track_tyre_wear_level...
    the higher the value inside the track_tyre_wear_level, the higher the consumption. For example 3 laps (supsoft) with a value of 0 in Hungaroring leads to 93/94% of tyres...3 laps with a value of -0,9 leads to 99% residual tyres. OK?