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Tyres Cold

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by bouncer1980, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. why are my tyres cooling down so quickly in f1 2014? in 2013 I never had this problem, now I am pushing quite hard and still I get the blue tyre warning in the car status screen
  2. I have the same problem, my engineer keep telling me my tires are too cold (rear mostly) even when I'm pushing like crazy. I don't know if it's due to this but in hotlap mode I'm 1-2 seconds quicker than in GP mode where I can feel I have much less rear grip.
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  3. Noticing same problem here , im leaning towards thinking its whenever i slightly go off the racing line the tyre temp drops instantly, i too am pushing very hard , lighting up the wheels but still say there cold, may b a bug no sure
  4. Just like in real life when your heading down the straight the tyres will cool down.
    When you make a left turn the right tyres will cool down and the left tyres will get warmer.
    Same for right handers.

    There is nothing wrong with this system and just ignore what your engineer is saying or set engineer verbose in audio setting to critical only

    For example.
    In malaysia first corner, the left front is getting very warm and the right front and rear are cooling down. This is because almost all the weight of the car is leaning on the left front.
    The left front will wear slightly quicker then the other ones too.

    So please stop complaining and turn the engineer down, otherwise codemasters think the've created a new bug and try to fix it with another bug and tyres that stay on temperature all the time, wich is very unreal!
  5. in China with Torro Rosso I have huge temperature difficulties. In F1 2013 the first right hander was flat out with a brake in the middle of the corner.
    Now in F1 2014 as soon as I turn right the back drops out and I oversteer of track. I can't seem to get my tyres warm enough after the straight to deal with this corner ... pls help me
  6. Its a bug my friend, and reported with other million problems along time ago,
    what fixed the problem for me,
    cut you saves to another folder, start the game let it create a new save file, exit reput your old saves back
    good luck
  8. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
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    I haven't seen this problem at all. Is this in career mode as I haven't had the time to try that yet but certainly in GP mode it's not been an issue for me.
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  9. First of all as the races directors start the countdown put fuel to rich. Then move your tyres rapidly left and right until the final flag is on. Now if you get a good start just do a bit of swerving and pass a couple cars. If you get a terrible start really swerve left and right. The AI doesn't warm up there tyres unless there is a safety car so as long as they don't have a big lead over you if you have your tyres heated up you should catch them.
  10. I have the same problem, hard tyres, lap 4, I can overtake other cars and my car start to be a ship, how is this possible? Everytime messages about cold tyres!!!
  11. The same problem
  12. I am trying to edit the database to make tire temp and wear less annoying and work more realisticly
  13. I now have the engineer switched off completely because it always seems to yap in the braking zone. Also, if switched on, it endlessly repeats Parc Ferme rules if I enter setup to tweak the front wing. So, I don't get the tyres/brakes cold messages anymore (Spa was always the one for cold brakes) and I have not noticed any impact on my drive, except on outlap after a tyre change. I tend to have the monitor on to watch fuel and tyre wear and the only times it has switched to the tyre temp warning is for an occasional hot tyre.
  14. This is crazy, i just finished 4 with Torro Rosso in Malaysia at Expert and still my mechanic was yelling at least once per lap that my "tires are to cold"

    I cant push any harder! And the car is sliding around like crazy to. Sure i am not the best driver but i rank myself pretty decent at least.

    Very annoying.
  15. The reason hotlap mode is quicker is beacuse there is no tyre wear on the option tyres, constant mix 3 revs, and constant 1 lap of fuel. Hotlap is just there to help people to get used to some circuits IMO.