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tyre wear

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Karl Fuss, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    Am i missing something?????

    I'm having a difficult time seeing if my tyres are worn or not. In the 2010 vesion of this game the wear colours were solid. It was quite easy to see the difference btwn yellow orange and red tyres. But now the wear colours are transparent. Do they gradually change in colour or change solidly from yellow to orange to red? I just can't tell. Or maybe they are changing in various shades of these colours?!?!?!..... however it is happening it is very frustrating not to be able to tell if they are orange or red.

    Also, in the 2010 version some tyres would wear out first while the others would be ok. Does this happen in the 2011 version? I can't tell due to the transparent colour. It would be helpful to setup the car properly if i knew my front tyres are wearing out first, or my back tyres.....

    I'm sure that the PC version will have a mod for solid tyre wear colours, but i play on the xbox 360 so there is no hope of that for me.
  2. They do gradually darken in the Car Status pop-up. It is very subtle however. I have seen a different wear rate between the tires.
  3. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    Thanx, I'll keep a look out tonight to see if i can notice. Maybe i'll leave the HUD up on wear and check every lap.
    Also, maybe I need a bigger TV :D :D

    (someone agree with me so i have an argument and some backing when i tell that to my wife)
  4. am sure they will get modded like 2010 so we could see more
  5. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    ya, but i use the xbox... so i'm gonna get nothing unless they change it in the patch.

    I was paying closer attention to the wear tonight and it looks at though i'm losing my front tyres way before my rears. But i also noticed that the HUD does not come up when one of your tyres starts to go. In 2010 the HUD would pop up as soon at a tyre turned yellow, then would do the same thing everytime a tyre changed colour. I wish it would come up like that in 2011.
  6. i dont think that looking at the staus of you tyres is such a big help this year ,im finding that i notice them going of as im driving and my lap times start to suffer as i fight the car round the corners rather than by what colour they are on the status screen( dont think ive seen them red but then i might have been fighting the car to much to have been able to look:tongue: )
    but to answer your question the trasition is very gradual as ive noticed them at pale yellow right up to a dark mustard yellow but cant really tell between individual wheels
  7. anyone got a clue about the tyre symbols when your in the pit garage and what each of the circles are in relation to tyre use
  8. Cancel I have found the answer thanks
  9. Just curious where did you find the answer?
  10. there was a thread somewhere on code masters' forums regarding the rings around tires I think. But what those stand for is the inner circle is the number of standard grip laps left in the tire, while the outer circle is the number of optimal grip laps left.

    Also the tire wear is a little odd this year, but the car condition page of the status display (2nd one) starts out as white outlines with transparent white fill, and slowly as your tires degrade further they will fill in from transparent to red. this is why it can look orange/yellow at first, since the red is starting to fill over the white. Also you'll notice the same thing happens if you take damage to your wing...that is the wing in the status display will start to fill in with red depending on how messed up it is.

    I don't think it's a very good system how ever especially with the number of people that are color deficient (around 5-10% of the male population and most of that having trouble with shades of red)

    Brighter colors or numbers would have been a better system I think.
  11. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I agree that the color system is not the best in 2011. The difference between each tyre used to be more apparent but can't say as I've noticed much individual difference between each of the tyre's in 2011 and they seem to wear too equally. For example in a recent test session in Brazil I found I was regularly locking up the front right under braking and therefore should have seen greater wear on that tyre but the indicators never showed that, the wear was very even.
  12. I was just posting over there on CM, wondering about these numbers.

    I understand that the number(the bigger) shows the number of laps the actual tyre can do(of course it depends on other factors), but then why your pit strategy invalid with those numbers.
    I mean for example in Istanbul prime shows me 32.2 laps but when try to set up the strategy, anything over 25 laps makes my strategy invalid. It really does not survive 32 laps for me but that alone could be my driving style, but the game itself states contradictory information for me.
    Any ideas?
  13. Those 32 laps means after how much laps tires are CRITICAL. For sure in my opinion after 25 laps tires are out in Instambul.

    Other thing, number outside the tire in garage: for how much laps tires have 100% grip.

    And in my opinion current tire colours in status are much better than in F1 2010. Maybe not accurate beetwen orange and red, but for sure, I'm feeling in my hands when tires are gone. And yes, I noticed difference beetwen every tire, they are not wearing equal.
  14. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds
    Physics & AI Programmer

    Fwiw on Pc version I was wearing the front right way quicker than the front left at shanghai gp and at turkey.