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Misc Tyre Wear 1.0

reduced tyre wear more efficent tyres

  1. MichaelMyers submitted a new resource:

    tyre wear - reduced tyre wear more efficent tyres

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  2. On some tracks it works great.. The softest tyre available on a track is just wearing normal but the two harder tyres go 2%. On silverstone medium goes 2-3% and hard 3-4% can you fix so all conpounds do 2% on every track?
  3. any chance getting grip 30-50%?
  4. hey, how does this mode works online? Because I really like it for career mode, but if it works online it's a problem cuz I don't wanna cheat...
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  5. does this mod affects ai strategy as well or just the palyer?
  6. only player ai will pit just normal
  7. No its not a bug. Its because you decreased the max temperature from 403

    original values:
    <MinBlisteringTemperature value="393.149994" />
    <MaxBlisteringTemperature value="403.149994" />

    to this:
    <MinBlisteringTemperature value="373" />
    <MaxBlisteringTemperature value="393" />

    So its a bug by YOUR mod and not the game.

    Change the max temperature back to 403 and it will work.