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Tyre Wear: tips and hints

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Giovaneveterano, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. I open this thread to talk about tyre wear, how drive to reduce it and get the maximum performance from the tyres.
    I want to share my experience with the idea to open an interesting discussion each others.

    I play in Legend, with Traction control ON and automatic gears.
    I have already did 2 races 100%:

    maxresdefault.jpg Silverstone
    Mercedes - Hamilton, Sunny.
    Starting with Medium set of tyres from the 3rd place I fight really hard with Vettel to gain the first position and after 8 laps I get it. At lap 13 (3 laps before the teoretical stop) I have to pit for a new set of Hard. No problems with Hard compound, Grojean goes fast and I'm in P2. At lap 35 I pit for Medium tyres (17 laps to go) but after 10 laps I have no more grip..losing position and finish 6th.
    Learned lesson: harder compound offers better performance for more time.

    433819796_640.jpg Melboune
    Ferrari - Alonso, Sunny (light rain from lap 52)
    Starting 4th with SuperSoft tyres. Amazing start: P1 at turn 3, good manage of tyres and I have my first stop at lap 11 on Medium. I win the race with only +0.2 seconds of gap between Rosberg in a fantastic final of the race...stopping 3 times: lap 11,26,41 for Medium compound but I had more performance than in Silverstone and less tyre wear.

    Write here your impressions and tips, posting photos and graphics.
    This year F1 2013 is really well done, I really love it.
    Have a good day :)
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  2. Tyre wear impressions? Here goes:
    That's how much I needed to wear them out to FINALLY get some accidental brake locks... :cautious:
  3. a question.
    How to make the tires last longer. ??
  4. That's exactly what we need to talk :roflmao:
    Tyre wear increase if:
    • Spinning wheels when you accelerate
    • Drifting
    • Block tyres in braking
    • Going off the track
    • Using a setup with an high downforce
    • Push hard to gain some brilliant time
    The last one is my problem: in Legend difficulty I have to push a lot to keep up with my opponents, but inevitably my tyres wear out before AI's ones. Then I must use in race a new set of harder tyres instead using the softest one like the AI do!:O_o:

  5. I found that with 6/6 wings, my tyres lasted 1 lap longer than with 1/1 wings. Also, I don't know about you guys, but my rear tyres are pretty much fine till the end of the stint, the fronts are the ones who give up. Is that the same for you too?
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  6. It depends by the track: Montmelo, Melbourne and Silverstone (for example) overheats front left tyre, Singapore overall destroy rear tyres before the front ones :)
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  7. I have found that despite my best efforts I cannot get my tyres to last as long as the AI's. I have tried messing with the setup where tyre wear is affected. I have tried driving more conservatively & avoiding kerbs & running off track. I can only squeeze 1 more lap out maybe 2 if I want to lose 4 seconds a lap. Now I am not so bothered that I have to stop for tyres, just the fact that the AI use more tyre & do more laps than I do in qualifying & yet they seem to be able to get 6 more laps out of their tyres.
    I am also having massive problems with rear traction. I use a controller & have adjust my style to ease on the throttle but this still seems to extreme & in the wet I find it impossible to stop the rears from lighting up making the car difficult to handle.
    Any suggestions from anyone I would be happy to try out & give some feed back. But I can offer little advice myself at the moment

  8. On which track is that?

    Hmm. I didn't overheat my fronts on Melbourne, but they still got worse tyre wear. =/ I guess it's just downforce tracks = fronts , traction tracks = rears. I have to test about the 2nd one, maybe if you drive without spinning your rears, they won't die that easily. :D
  9. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    All correct except for the one I highlighted. It's actually the opposite.

    If you run a low down force setup, the car moves around more in the corners, and you're not able to:
    A) Get the power down as early
    B) Take as high of a speed as you would with a high DF setup.

    The more the car is sliding around in the corners, the quicker it wears out your tyres.

    With these Pirelli's, you have to be as smooth as possible on turn in. This is why pad users tend to suffer from a lot more tyre wear than wheel users, because it's much harder to have a smooth steering input with a pad.

    I had a really enjoyable 100% race around Korea a couple of days ago, because I was able to make my first stint on the super softs last for 16 laps. And there was still enough grip for another 4-5. But I would have lost too much time.

    I've also noticed in this game that fresh rubber makes a massive difference in laptime. Much more than previous games. In that Korean GP I did, I was lapping consistently in the 1:45's on my first stint, then once I had pitted for a fresh set of options, and completed my out lap, my first hot lap gave me a 1:42. Just like real life!

    So awesome.
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  10. I am using a pad, so maybe that is not helping. Having now raced on more tracks I am finding it to be more track specific. In Bahrain I had no issues at all & drove quite aggressively. I am now thinking that car set up needs better work on the tracks I struggled on. I do still believe though that the AI cars have an easier time of it.
    With regards to car set up. On some of the settings it does explain that increasing/decreasing will affect tyre wear but without some in-depth testing I have not discovered any optimal settings for each track. As a lot of the car set ups on here are for time trials, they do not help for career mode as they are not concerned with aggressive tyre wear.
    I am not great with making my own set ups & I tend to use set ups by those who take the time to work on them & then I tweak them a bit to suit me. Gear ratios always baffle me so I tend to use other members settings. Thanks for all those who post their setups btw.
    So I guess I am hinting that it would be great if someone could come up with some tyre saving set ups....
    Just did Monaco in the wet. My god I struggled with rear traction. Over heating the engine & I really need to work on my throttle... Practice practice practice
  11. High angle of camber is the major cause of the front tyres's degradation

    This evening I'll do a 100% race and I'll share all the details (setup, pit stops..)
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  12. Longer 1st&2nd gears generally help to improve traction and rear tyre wear.
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  13. Hi all,

    did you find out any difference in tyre wear between different cars?
    For ex, Lotus and Mercedes? Or all AIs have the same?
  14. There are huge differences.

    Lotus is the only car that has lower front tyre wear than rear and overally Lotus is by far the car that saves the tyres the most! It's all in the database, you can take a look if you want. :D
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  15. I personally have only driven the force india & just trying different settings for that car. Hopefully the tyre wear saving will be transferable. I would think though that different teams have tyre wear to a greater/lesser degree.
  16. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    Are these difference apparent online in equal car mode as well?
  17. No no no no. Don't worry. It was the same last year and last year there weren't any tyre wear differences in equals mode. That's only 2013 performance. :D
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  18. Ok, last question:

    in the tyre selection screen there is the teorethical number of lap I can do with that type of tyre (for ex 10 laps).
    Assuming the same driving stile, same setup, etc etc, lotus has an higher probability to reach that limit than an mercedes, it's correct?
    Maybe 8-9 laps for lotus and 6-7 for mercedes?


    in the tyre selection screen there is the number of lap I can do with that type of tyre with that car? So the number is corrected according to the selected car?

    I know that I able to find out the answer to the second question by myself, but I would like to have a feedback from you.


  19. I don't know about that number, but the default strategy changes from car to car, because one car would maybe be able to do O-P-O and the other would need O-P-P to make it to the end.
  20. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Each car will different values in the tyre selection menu. Lotus will obviously have naturally better tyre management than the Mercedes so long as you don't purposely wreck the tyres.

    However, depending on your driving style, you can get more laps out of a set of tyres than the number that the selection menu says you can. I can frequently get a set of Super-Softs to do over 30 laps at Monaco in the first stint on heavy fuel.
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