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Tyre wear test program

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by Engima, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. Ok, so I have done the tyre wear test, and I can see that they will last longer than expected. I can see that they are expected to be at 59% after 7 laps, but test showed that they are at 65%. Now how do I use this information?

    Is it so that if the tyres have a lifetime of 11 laps (as shown in the tyre management screen), will they last like 12 or 13 instead?

    Awesome game btw, thank you Codemasters!
  2. You use this information for your pit strategy before the race. If you do tyre tests with all three compounds you get a better personalized picture on this screen with your results. You can do tyre tests with all three compounds regardless your result in tyre wear test.
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  3. Ok, so the strategy sceeen is updated with my personalized results? That was what I wondered about. Is it a standard screen, but I know for myself that e.g. the hard compounds will last longer, or is is actually my data? I read you as the former is true.

    And also, in practice, there is a number om each compound telling me how many laps it will last. Is that "standard" during practice, or is that updated after tyre test programs to?
  4. Yes, it is updated. If you do tyre wear tests (and there is enough data for each compound I guess) you can switch with "Toggle personalised/projected" between them for each of both suggested strategies.

    IMHO the number in practice is a recommendation, you can extend duration a little but you can also be forced to change earlier because your driving style ruins the tyres.
    In my experience car setup as less influence on the life span of your tyres, driving style is more important.
  5. Thanks Hatsu!
    Then I know what to expect from the game regarding information about my tires.

    What a game this is! I never expect a game to be perfect, but one often hope for too much. But this is just soo much better than F1 2014 (i jumped 2015) and meets my expectations just perfectly. All the information and statistics during practice, and all details that affect my progress. I love it!