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Tyre wear of Intermediates

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Solictice, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. I recently did some wet races on 50%. Started on intermediates set by the game. I started racing and noticed after 4-5 laps all 4 tyres were yellow and 1 or 2 laps after that they turned orange.
    I quit and went back to the garage and checked the strategy. There it said Intermediates should last 14 laps. Is it normal then that my tyres where completely gone after 6-7 laps?

    Also, when's the ideal time to pit for new tyres/switch to options/primes? Anyone got some advice for me about this situation?

  2. First of, intermediates are completely useless! Wet weather tyres always have more grip even if the game automatically puts you on it upon entering the garage. They wear a lot slower and if it rains, normally it turns heavy invalidating the intermediates and 20 seconds lost then if you'd change to wets on the first place.

    Regarding when to pit. When its dry to wet I pit when raindrops appear but the other way round is a lot hard especially online. Offline I pit when the AI do as that is normally optional timing but online its more of a gamble but you can gain so much time. I pit on 2 factors from going wet to dry: 1. Is my wet tyre wearing out? This means the track is dry enough to overheat and means a possible pitstop is upcoming. 2. Is my rooster tail becoming smaller? Keep on checking behind to see how big the rooster tail is. If its getting less then as before, a chance for a potential pitstop. Never ever pit when the rain drops disappear as that would be way, way to late!

    The intermediates do wear out really quick and the projected guess of 14 laps is a complete lie. This is stating that the track will be at a constant level of wetness and not drying/becoming heavier at all. It probably could make the 14 laps if the rain went heavier but then you would be skidding everywhere as the lack of tread on the intermediates became evident. Just use the wets, they last the same time as intermediates and give you more grip. Wets = win, Inters = boo.
  3. For the most part this is the case, but there are exceptions. In Melbourne I was doing a 30% race (17 laps) and it started as a wet race. It stopped raining around lap 12 or 13 and a dry line started developing. The AI all pitted on lap 14, but I decided to stay out and take my chances (I was 6th before they pitted) since I was now in the lead.

    I was able to run off line in the puddles for the next 3 laps still on wet tires and win the race even though there was a totally dry line and there hadn't been any rain drops for 4-5 laps. If it had been a 20 lap race I would've been toast on wets, but as it happened it worked out great and got me my first win!

    It's all about the situation and adopting the strategy for the moment.
  4. Well, of course your not going to pit with a few laps left. Thats just common sense!
  5. hmm I didn't know about the Intermediates being so rubbish, looks like CM screwed up another thing :\
    But thanks a lot for the comments :) going to try it out later tonight. I'm at Istanbul in season one with Virgin at the moment.

    Also, i discovered wet races are lots easier with the puddles fix although it reduces FPS, it's worth it in my opinion.