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Misc Tyre wear for 2016 mod 2016-05-19

20% less wear for all dry and 10 % for wet tyres

  1. laubie submitted a new resource:

    Tyre wear for 2016 mod - 20% less wear for all dry and 10 % for wet tyres

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  2. Could you please reduce the tire wear by 50% because I'm in the torro rosso and the tyres wear out fast in 100% races. Thanks
  3. laubie - with a new mod just around the corner for the 2016 season, could you please confirm if this is compatible with both seasons in game?
  4. Don't known yet. Will test it. Give you Feedback soon
  5. Just DLed and opened it - looks like the package is there for 2014 season, so might not be an issue - will await further info :thumbsup::ninja:
  6. Hello, the Mod is working on 2014 version.
    I do a new Mod where we can change the wear.( +20% or-20%)
  7. Good news laubie and thanks for updating us all - Will work on the -20% wear first off and see if it correlates to actual racing circumstances and stint lengths on certain tracks and tyre combos compared to real life. Hoping I might get some racing in when SWMBO goes to bed ;)
  8. I testing this a long time ago, the problem is that the AI don't change they pit strategy and there is no way to mod this, they always have same pit strateg. I try with 100% more wear, and the result was a lot of puncture for a AI cause they are programmed to do a fix pit strategy. That is the big problem in this game, a lot of things are not modable :-(
  9. Where i have to change something when i want to have 50-70% less tire wear?