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Misc Tyre Wear + 10% & WorkEnergyRate 2016-04-25

Mod Tyre Wear plus 10 %

  1. It extends life of tires by 10 %
  2. sorry but I did not understand how to install the mod
    I have two file
    1) f1_2015_vehicle_package
    2) new excel worksheet
    what should I do?
    Thank you
  3. Does it effect the AI as well?
  4. You can reduce the tire wear so as to increase the life of your tires?
    Or increases the tire wear so as to shorten the life of the tires?

    Sorry for my english
  5. I increased tire wear in order of 10% more, there is all written in description
  6. can decrease tire wear by 10% (increase by 10% the life of tires) ??
    I would be grateful
  7. Here the guide:
    You can use @Petar Tasev's tools to edit some car performance files.

    Tools you'll need:
    * Petar Tasev's Modding Applications
    * Ego ERP Archiver - EEA 2.0.2015.1102.zip
    https://sourceforge.net/projects/petars-programs/files/Ego Engine/Ego ERP Archiver/EEA 2.0.2015.1102.zip/download

    * Ego BXML Converter - EBC 5.0.2015.0805.zip
    * (optional) Notepad++, Notepad++ Compare plugin

    1. Open the target .erp in EEA (Ego ERP Archiver) = \F1 2015\f1_2015_vehicle_package\tyrecompounds\f1compounds.vcmpd.erp
    2. (EEA) Select "Archive-Export All" to extract the contents (to a separate temp folder) = (temp folder)
    3. Edit the f1compounds!!!temp000 file using a text editor. Notepad++ (with compare plugin) is a handy way to compare edited files to a saved default backup, etc.
    You will find sections for all type of tire ( front and rear ), dry and wet. Inside these sections there are caracterists of cambers and load values (Lateral, longitudinal ) ( ParametricData><LateralLoad Load="0" Peak="1.9" DownSlope="1.3" UpSlope="0.9" Shape="0.6"/>.....

    to change grip find and edit line like this: <LateralCamber Camber="1" GripGain="0.005"/>
    <LongitudinalCamber Camber="1" GripGain="-0.0125"/>

    to change wear find and edit line like this:
    <!-- Wear and Blistering simulation -->
    <WearRate value="0.06"/> the lower is the value the more is wear

    <WorkEnergyRate value="32"/> change working range of tires

    Find the line: <Compound name="XXXX">
    Edit WearRate value for SUPF (SuperSoftFront Tire) , SUPR ( Rear), SOFF, SOFR; ..........
    1. (EEA) Select "Archive-Import All" to import the edited .vtf file.
    2. (EEA) Select "File-Save" to save the updated .erp file.
    3. You can re-export the edited .erp file to test if the modded files were imported correctly, etc.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2016
  8. Thanx friend