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Tyre Sim

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by David Pepperill, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. How is it I am 3 seconds a lap slower with tyre sim on, same tyres same usage. surely the performance tails off after a few laps not from the word go. Any explanation greatly appreciated. Apologies if this has already been covered but I could not find it.
  2. Hi! Imo tyre wear in carrer mod is affected from the race distance you choose.In a 20% race (9-12 laps) the tyre wear (especially in option tyres) starts from lap 1 and increases rapidly so you need primes in lap 4-5.(they wear faster in a 5x rate).When i started 100% length races the option tyres started to lose perfomance after 8-10 laps.But lapping 1 or 2 sec slower happened after lap 13-15. Try a 100 % race :)
  3. Dimos is correct tyre wear depend's on race length, the longer the race the longer it takes for them to start to wear. If you look in your pit stop strategy and choose a tyre it will tell you the length in lap's before the tyre is gone.
  4. Ok I can see that but what about qualifying, why would the tyre sim on alter my lap times by 3 seconds as race distance does not come into it.
  5. Although qualy is the same no matter the race length it would mirror the effect's to qualy from the race length choice, quite logical really.
  6. It could also be due to your car setup. Certain setups can drastically increase tyre wear, off the top of my head one of those factors is the alignment settings (camber and toe settings). But also keep in mind when you are doing a race in career mode and you've qualified in the top 10, you have to use the same tyres you used to set your grid time. So you're going to start off with an already worn tyre. If you're leaving your tyres to the point where you're lapping 3 seconds slower, I suggest changing your pit strategy and boxing much earlier.
  7. Tyre sim off is a joke in this game. Its not realistic as it gives you stupid amounts of grip. I hate playing TT as am example for this reason because when i go back to playing online my cars feels like a tank and doesnt turn in the same. Can really catch you out.
  8. TT is a sham Chris I agree track surface grip 100% average race day surface grip 65% and it does throw you off balance and is absolutely no good for practice at all and does indeed make you think am I that crap ! anyway back to OP point, many things affect you with this game effect as you have read so take what info you have and apply it to your game and don't worry about it, it is normal.
  9. I have given up playing TT already coz it's really unrealistic.. Thats why I only wanna play these online races. I am now really into Rfactor. And since I have started playing it.. F12010 seems so unrealistic..