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Tyre selection rfactor

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Vito Lombardi, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone, My first post

    I downloaded some new tyres ie: bridgestone, prielli ect, and according to the instructions I believe I installed them correctly.

    However, my problem is the whole group of drivers have that same tyre even though I placed the file only in the folder of my choice. Currentley they all have Dunlops, I installed a bridgestone tyre with white writing on the tyre wall, go into the game (start of a race) and they now have the exact same tyre.

    Anyone come across this issue, many thanks


    Hi team, great mod v1.3, must say, feel the car much better now, better imersion factor, better feel, better enjoyment, better move house now other half don't see me anymore, better be careful she might join the competition...LoL.

    Anyway, reason I'm here is to ask kindly for any one that likes to solve an issue, rather me explaining it all again follow the above link.
    On my part and understanding it seems strange for this to occur, but obviously, the mod is programmed in such a way to refelect this outcome. Definently not a seroius issue, curious on my part, may be of interest to the Tech professionals.

    Hope to be online racing soon, lap times need to get a bit better

    thanks for your interest.
  2. I am struggling to see your difficulty? This is with a particular mod? Or the game in general?

    Mods will only use the tyres assigned to them from my experience.
  3. Im using V8 supercars V1.3, and the files are V8_TYRE00.dds, V8_TYRE01.dds, V8_TYRE02.dds, V8_TYRE.dds
    According to the readme it states , Place these files in your vech of choice, so I chose the JDR team, and placed the above files in JDR folder, when in game all the exixting dunlop tyres on all the vech racing have changed their tyres to reflect the new bridgestone tyres.

    These are the files from D Painter http://www.rfactorcentral.com/skins.cfm

    try it out, good looking tyres to...If D painter is viewing What am I doing wrong

  4. Give me a direct link and I'll try and help you out.
  5. I am having the same problem. Did you manage to fix it?

    Regards Wilso
  6. RC, the link to the tyres is below. Its consists of 4 DDs files as stated above. These files are meant to be placed in the folder of your choice of vechile. ( V8 super cars) RC, is this the direct link you are after
    I appreciate youre help and I don't want to let you go due to my lack of info. But Its a small .rar file, uncompressed exposes these 4 dds files ( V8_TYRE00.dds, V8_TYRE01.dds, V8_TYRE02.dds, V8_TYRE.dds)

    http://www.rfactorcentral.com/painters_profile.cfm?ID=D%20painter this is direct link to the downloads of the tyres...just scroll down once youre there.

    It is strange that the whole grid of cars reflects the replacement tyres when only placed in one folder for example, say the JDR team. I have version 1.3 and updated with 2009 skins,and its a fresh install from V1.0.
    As you know the current tyres are Dunlop across the entrie teams. When installing these four dds files only in one team as I have mentioned, it is picked up acros the entire teams..strange...I can't find the actual
    files of the dunlop tyres, it seems they must be embedded within a file I cant open.

    I hope this helps...perhaps more so just to know about it...may help future programming

    ps: Wilso, no not fixed yet, my description above are you getting Identical situations
  7. Yes, exactly the same problem as you describe mate. If you work out how to fix it please let me know. I will do the same for you. I trying everything i can think of..no luck yet.

    Regards Wilso
  8. Are you putting the tyre files in the actual teams file eg Vehicles\V8Factor\Dick Johnson Racing or are you putting them in the Vehicles\V8Factor folder? From my understanding they need to be in the team folder like the first example.
  9. "Are you putting the tyre files in the actual teams file eg Vehicles\V8Factor\Dick Johnson Racing " Yes excatly that, and after that every whch way you can think of.

    Got me beat, but will try elsewhere....I'll Be Back......

    thanks for your time.
  10. As I say post it in the Team ORSM forum - the creators of the V8Factor mod
  11. Hi Guys

    Refer to the ORSM forum for the answer.

  12. It has been ;)
  13. You're too quick Ryan.

    Thanks for moving the thread in here.

    I am waiting on clarification to see if anything changed in the 1.3 patch, but from my understanding the tyre sidewalls were never modelled for multiple skins because in 2006, there was 1 control tyre.

    The reason it shows on all cars is it is picking the DDS from your team folder and allocating it to them all as a replacement.

    You can't have multiple tyre types on different cars in this mod.

    From 2009, there was the sprint tyre and the Control tyre, so maybe that will be unleashed on the next Mod
  14. Ok guess this is mine to answer since it is my profile in question here.

    Still_Bacon is right and when the cars go in-game all the tyres match the one you are using at the time. The tyre files if placed in the teams files will show on the spinner for that car only. If you have say Bridgestones on one car and Pirelli's on another and you choose that car on the spinner then you will see the Pirelli not the Bridgestone. If you choose to place the 4 DDS files in V8Factor directory the tyre will show on all cars on the spinner.

    In-game all cars will refect the tyre on the car that you enter the track with regardless of the DDS files in the other team files.

    This has always been the case with V8Factor but most people that have these and other custom tyres I've done for then or have made themselfs race online and rearly go out side the cars in game play.

    In replays the cars revirt back to the original Dunlop tyre

    Sorry for the misunderstanding of the readme. I hope this carify's things better.

    Cheers guy's and wish you the best in the 2010 Leagues.
  15. There you go ..problem sloved it....

    cheers friends

  16. cool