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PC Tyre force vs Car specific FFB

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Msportdan, May 8, 2015.

  1. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Okay Im getting a bit confused here to... some people (and me) I read have high TF (tyre force) and low CS (car specific ffb swindle arm) and some low TF and high CS.

    What is the best one to have to get all the feedback from the car and road? or are they the same and just counter balance eachother out so to speak.


    to test I did few laps in the Frookie at cadwell.

    First time out set Tyre force at 100 and Car specific FFB at 22
    second time out set Tyre force at 50 and Car specific FFB at 40

    theres hardly any difference, I may/think I felt more kerbs and stuff in the TF at100 but was minimal difference and could of been placebo..

    So what does these values really mean. I suppose they just cancel eachother out..
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  2. I tried this "supposed to be better"-Settings and hate it. For me, the opposite is true. Fy and Fz should be over 100, not around 50. Now i start with 116/126 (Fy/Fz) or Fz even higher.

    Fy is the ffb-amount for the horizontal forces. You feel more from the weight distribution of the car and grip level. Fz is for the vertical forces, so you feel more from the tarmac. Fx supposed to be the force from breaking and throttle. It´s stupid to put this down and damped steering cars like the Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster feeling (for me) so much more better with higher Fy/Fz-values but actually all cars that i tested.

    If you put this settings down for higher main value, you exchange the carfeel forces for steering angle forces, which are telling you: hey, you are not driving straight:laugh:

    PS: Now i see, it´s only about tyre-forces. I wouldn´t mess with those advances global-settings unless somebody really knows how to do it better. I tried it and had to start from the scratch. The car-ffb-settings are the best way for better ffb.
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  3. jimortality


    Yeah I have the FY road feel one about 180 lol. I'm still trying to get it more dialed in but it's a slow process. Ginetto at BRNO and I do a lap back in to pits, do a lap back into pits rinse and repeat for about 2 hours this afternoon lol
  4. The Roadfeel should be the Fz-axis. Fx is front/back, Fy is right/left and Fz is up/down, Mz is grip/no grip. I think, this Mz could be higher as well:D According to this very helpful post:thumbsup:.
  5. jimortality


    Yeah which ever one is the roadfeel, I have at 180 at the moment.
    try turning everything on zero and try that lol!! then you can see how each one affects the ffb.
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  6. Finally found good ffb settings for this game, and I also think that Fy & Fz are the most important values. Fy 126, Fz 170 and the roadfeel is from another planet compared to the default settings (increasing drift setting to 4 on my fanatec csr also made it better). Felt pretty good for all cars I tried.
  7. jimortality


    We have a winner lol it seems people are a bit scared to go over the 100 mark for the fz setting but it does make a difference.
  8. Repeating from other threads:

    These new settings - FFB XML files from this thread - are excellent. Really feeling the car forces now.

    The Fy+SopLateral Mix work great with the open wheelers.
  9. jimortality


    Thanks Lou, are these files from someone that has had dealings with Project Cars?
  10. As far as I know, he's been with the game since the start.
  11. jimortality


    Cheers, I'm a bit weary of messing with files and again, this will be just this persons own personal settings and how he likes to feel the ffb. I may have a dabble though to just see how he has it.
  12. The beauty of these is they exist outside the game. If you use them they override any in game settings. If you don't like either delete or rename the FFB folder.