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Tyre consult-

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by xianG, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. I was racing 1st race career Australia, i start 15th in the grid, 12th race objective.
    I started with primes, and then 2 scheduled pit stops for options, in the 1st option stint it was awesome i could get till 5th with Richx3.
    The thing that drove me mad was this: the 2nd stint of the 2nd option tyres the freaking Engineer GAVE ME A USED SET OF OPTION TYRES(WTF!) i said "oh ok, i pit again and he gives me a fresh one since i only had 3 available set of option, 1 of those i used for Q2 and the other 2 i saved for scheduled pit stops"
    NO WAY, he gave me again a Used set of options... so i was like WTF 8 laps to finish. and i QQrage.

    So im asking, does anyone went thru this too? xD
  2. The default stategy for Australia is Option/Prime/Prime.

    You can alter this in a number of ways.

    In the garrage: Tyre select/Race Strategy/Edit Stop(s)

    In Car: Use the DPad to select tyers/then select which type. They will be fitted on your next stop.

    You can also see your next stop by bringing up the 'car info' Graphic. It shows the Lap of your next stop, the tyre type to be fitted and, rather cool I think, the predicted position you will emerge from the pits in.

    I did Option/Prime/Option/Option in my career race.
  3. I'll be trying what you'are saying, but i already did it and you didnt told me anything new XD, but thanks anyway. I only used 1 of the option tyres on Q. so i have 2 fresh ones, and i started with prime, then i used option, then the 2nd option tyres were the used ones =S i didnt touch anything, only that it's really "unrealistic" that engineeres will give you a used set of options if they have a fresh one to give, dont you think?

    however ill try again and if it happens again i dont know xD i guess im screwed and force india does not like argentinian drivers haha