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Tyre Colouring

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Jay Jones, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. Have CM got the correct tyres for each race. For example, Soft (Yellow) and Super Soft (Red) were used at Monaco, however Medium (White) and Soft (Yellow) were used at say Australia. HAve they got the correct compunds for each rae?
  2. Yes. I'm pretty sure they do, as I've seen videos with super-soft at Canada, soft at Silverstone and both soft and the white one (medium I guess) on Monza.

    So yeah, it looks like they do. :wink:
  3. Nope. For whatever crazy reason the tires are the same as in 2010 - options, primes, inters, wet. The coloured rings are there though. Maybe they just forgot...

    Performance is a bit different. Primes take longer to warm up - they're really nasty for the first lap or two, almost no grip. Inters are now very different to wets, in 2010 track speed was the same for each, so glad that's changed.

    Inters are VERY slidey on some tracks. Just raced Malaysia in heavy rain, a pretty slippy track anyway, switched from wets to inters while it was still raining and was all over the place, wheelspin, front sliding out etc. Engineer was on the radio telling me to switch back to wets, that was cool. In light rain inters are great.

    Grip dropoff for all tires is more severe now, when they go, they're gone. All races now have three stops as standard race strategy.

    edit - oh and I got a puncture in Malaysia too. That's one puncture out of half a dozen races, but I guess I was on the curbs a lot for that race, with my mistake with the inters. Just blew while on the main straight.
  4. i remember them saying they had all compounds in the game a while ago. you're only aloud to use the two correct compounds for each weekend and they are still called option and prime.
  5. Nothing wrong with calling them options & primes, they're called like that IRL as well. As Bobby wrote, you can only use 2 'dry' compounds per race, can't mix them up.
  6. They have the tyre types that were actually used at the race weekends. They are called Option (softer of the two available) and Prime (harder..) in the game and in RL, regardless of the actual colors used.
    Of course, just like with the DRS zones, it could be that there will be changes made regarding the RL races, then the game will be not accurate obviously. But maybe there will be an after-season patch for that. :)
  7. I'm not sure about corect tires and DRS zones on last tracks of season - Pirelli is choosing tyre type aroung month before race, so we don't know what tires they want to use in last races (they didn't confirmed compounds for India, Abu Dhabi and Brazil). Same with DRS - we know where DRS zone is just few days before race.
  8. Unless they get the information in advance from FIA officials, they'll (or more probably, already did) most likely assume where DRS zones might be located. After all, they can't place them in the corners or very short straights.
  9. It is correct tires, When I played at GAMEfest silverstones options were Yellow and Singapores were Red. In Canada the tires I think were Yellow but I believe that was becasue the guy just basically spammed 'A' to hurry me along so didnt pick the tires.