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Tyre and fuel sim

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Jack Evans, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. With tyre and fuel aim what should I put on and off because with the both off I'm 7 seconds a lap faster is there any suggestions by codemasters as to which ones should be on or off
  2. Both on if your a clean driver, Tire sim off if your not a clean driver. Keep tire sim off for first race though, especially in season 1, or else you will get a puncture regardless. Also, use legend AI, and if you get pitbug, run longer race :D
  3. Fuel on is a nightmare... the AI cars are a lot faster at the start of the race, specially on long races, and everyone overtakes you.
    Tyre sim on is another nightmare because it means you have to pit, which can mean pit bug (change your strategy to go on a couple laps earlier or later), but more of a nightmare because some AI don't pit at all.

    And punctures are under the "damage model" not the tyre sim. If you have damage on and tyre sim off, you still get punctures.
  4. I know that its the damage model. Theres a bug in season 1 that on the first race, something like 90% of the time, if you have tire sim on, it punctures. I solved it by turning tire sim off.
  5. tyre sim on is a must, it's just too easy without, and managing your tyres is a big part of the race imo. Fuel sim on is very hard, as AI isn't affected by it, you will lap around 2 secs slower at the start of the race and it will be an uphill struggle desperately trying to keep position untill your car becomes lighter and you must push like mad if you want a remote chance of gaining any positions.
  6. Chirs guys your a big help so tyre aim on fuel sim off
  7. Herp, I have nothing of the sort. With both on, in a Williams, I can still run 5th to 3rd, and compete for a win on tracks I'm good at, And in the RBR's I run a solid 2 seconds up on the field, regardless.
  8. Yesterday i had two punctures in my career-mode at Valencia. One came during 3rd Free-Practice and the second one occured during the race which ruined a god race-result.
  9. I think punctures are determined not only by damage model, but by set of tires. I've gotton punctures on lap 2 of practice, after doing a lap and a half at maybe 80% to feel out the track, on primes.

    But, I can drive all out, get off line a bunch of times, and usually never get a puncture in a race, unless I do something drastic, or get wing-clipped on the wheel by someone.
  10. you must have really good tyres then mate i was driving bahrain the other day on my second last lap i came off the track on the third last corner for the first time in the whole race and low and behold i got a puncture and i wouldnt have cared only i had used my last flashback after a collision with sauber car not nice lol
  11. I dont run tire sim at bahrain in season mode, I get a puncture EVERY race there on the second last lap. The other races, I tend to have pretty good luck, but I run 100%, long weekend, and do lengthy practices, so any punctures I do get off my sets of tires, tend to be in P2 or P3, not in Q or Race :D
  12. that seems to be an occuring thing it happened to me in my first season aswell second last lap puncture but i had a flashback that time and i managed to hold it off till the finish has this happened to anyone else
  13. Fuel & Tyre sim ON, during practice and qualy. fuel sim off on raceday, until is fix with a patch though.
    Punctures happend because you're not careful with your tyres. ...and Bahrain is the only track that rip your tyres for no reason at all. LOL
  14. well the first race i did on my live profile in bahrain didnt have TCS on saving my tyres more and i tried earlier with tcs off on different profile and i didnt get any punctures now IMO with TCS off the tyres should wear away more than with it on yet the computer seems to be backwards