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Two technical issues...

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by PLazarou, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. I'm having two problems with RRRE, I doubt they're related - one is a minor inconvenience, and the other makes the sim almost unplayable.

    The first issue is I get a message from Steam saying 'Failed to start game (app already running)'. The screen flickers, sometimes leaving me on the desktop, and I can select the RRRE icon on the taskbar (or Alt-Tab) and it will appear fullscreen again, usually in the middle of the intro videos. This doesn't seem to happen on the first launch of the game, only on subsequent launches. But even on the first time, it seems to do a weird flicker at the start, as if it's launching something twice.

    The second thing is a bigger problem - the sim will simply freeze for a few seconds in the middle of a lap. The audio continues, and the car is definitely continuing to move, as when it unfreezes itself a few second later, I appear in a different part of the track (usually in a wall). This can happen once a lap, twice lap, every few seconds, or not at all. It seems entirely random. I thought it was performance-related, but I'm getting a solid 60fps and it keeps doing it. When I've turned all visual settings to max, my framerate suffers a bit, but the freezing doesn't increase - I just played a few laps at max settings where it didn't freeze at all... so I guess something else is causing this...

    Any ideas/suggestions much appreciated.
  2. The first problem happens to me too, I assume its something related to the fact that the game is always online and probably has to do some handshake with the R3E server, mine always starts the game just fine, but I do see the same Steam message right before the game loads. Doesn't do it all the time, doesn't seem to affect anything, just happens sometimes.

    The second problem, are you using an Nvidia video card? I know there's a known issue with the current Nvidia drivers know as the black screen bug that will sometimes cause the game to freeze or display a black screen. The known solution is to roll back to an older Nvidia driver but I can't remember which one, I'm thinking like 317x series.
  3. Thanks for the help Blkout, good to hear I'm not the only one - hopefully the 'failed to start game' is an easy fix for Simbin.

    As for the second issue, I am indeed running an Nvidia GTX 670, on the 335.23 WHQL driver. I'm not keen to roll back to an earlier one as I've seen stability and performance benefits in other titles with this driver... but as long as Simbin are aware...
  4. Yea, the dev blog says something about they're looking into it with Nvidia but pointed out that Nvidia users can roll back drivers if its a problem.
  5. I am having the black screen issue using a GTX 780 running the newest Nvidia non-beta driver as well. There should be a new driver released soon, maybe it will work with R3E. Curiously, I had very similar issues with Pcars over the weekend too.
  6. William Wester

    William Wester

    Running a GTX780, not having any black screen issues. I believe the latest beta drivers (not home to verify).
  7. Its sporadic. I had the issue quite a bit last week but played a lot this weekend and it never happened once. GTX 780 using the latest beta drivers.
  8. I've had some similar freezing in PCARS too.
  9. PaulH


    Had this exact same problem, rolled back to driver 332.21 seems to have fixed it, as stated by SimBin :thumbsup:
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  10. Good to know Paul. Sounds like it's an Nvidia rather than Simbin issue, so my concern is whether Nvidia are aware (it seems like both AMD and Nvidia don't pay that much attention to racing sims at times), and whether it will be fixed in future drivers.
  11. PaulH


    This is from their Dev blog....

    "Progress on the NVIDIA driver crashing issue

    As you might be aware, the latest NVIDIA drivers are still causing issues while playing R3E. We are working with NVIDIA to resolve the issue and they made some progress but unfortunately it is still under investigation. If you are one of the unfortunate players experiencing driver crashing (all screens turn black, the game gets minimized and cannot be restored as the rendering stops) please use the drivers 332.21. Anything newer than that version seems to have some issues."
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  12. Interesting. They're quite specific about it being a black screen, minimising and not restoring, which is rather different to my issue - a momentary visual-only freeze, with sound and physics continuing, and then the visuals return to normal (no crash). I'm not sure this is the same problem...
  13. I tried the Nvidia Beta driver but, both titles crashed to black screen and could not be stopped without a PC restart. Steam would not close due to the title still running and stopping via task manager did not work.
  14. Only takes 5 minutes to change drivers and find out.
  15. After uninstalling Nvidia Experience, Pcars now works again without crashing but, no change with R3E.
  16. PaulH


    @RaceNut Did you try the 332.21 drivers?
  17. No I haven't yet, I may try that if I get some extra time but, I really just wanted to take a quick spin in R3E to see what changes I could make to the FFB with the CSW. Being that I am waiting on updates anyway, it's not a priority.
  18. I went back to the 332.21 drivers last night and raced for about 30 minutes with no issues.
  19. Good to know that is an option. Maybe I can try it this weekend.
  20. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    Sorry to dig up an old thread but was a solution for this ever found? I get the "failed to start (app already running)" message nearly all the time when I launch R3E. It's been happening for a long time and I'd like to resolve this if possible. Just done a complete fresh install of the game and this issue is still happening.

    It's a minor annoyance but an annoyance nonetheless.

    Any help much appreciated.