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Two annoying issues

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by deknegt, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. 1: At certain points of certain tracks (middle backstraight Malaysia) my steering wheel jerks violently without a reason. This isn't wheelspin, because at this point I'm already at the middle point of a straight and around 5-6th gear. Yet the wheel jerks violently for no reason.

    2: Black flickering after playing the game for 15 minutes. The screen flickers black for half a second, and suddenly my steering lock resets from 300 back to 900 degrees. Which is pretty much a game breaking issue for me.

    2.5: Also, does anyone notice that if you drive a strong first time on a practice session, the AI suddenly becomes better that session. I had a session where my first times were 1:50 (in malaysia), and the best time came from Alonso a 1:43 (my best was 1:45 later). I retried the session because of a crash (see issue 1 and 2), and my first time was 1:45, and suddenly the AI started putting down times around 1:41-42 from the get go. This was with no changes to my settings in between.
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  2. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    Wait till you get to the Red Bull Ring.... this happens at Turn 1, Turn 3, Turn 4, Turn 7... that's half the turns!
    It does seem to get better after the sessions start though...it seems to go away.
    I had to turn the FFB way down when driving this circuit.
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  3. This is mostly fixed by limiting your framerate to under 120 fps (long-standing bug in these games). You can turn vsync on, although that's not a great solution because it introduces input lag. A better solution is to set a framerate limit using Nvidia Inspector or Radeon Pro.

    That sounds like a serious problem, possibly with your computer. Do you play other games, and if so have you seen anything else like this? If not you could get in touch with Codemasters tech support.

    I haven't noticed this.
  4. i have this exact same problem. the ffb seems to jerk to the left.
  5. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    yup... it does seem to go away after a while though....
    It's very off-putting at first because all those corners are right hand corners, but as soon as you reach the braking zone the car jerks violently to the left... very strange
  6. It will disappear when the track rubbers in.
  7. I think it's just dead rubber on the racing line. I get it on the straight at Malaysia and Bahrain. Didn't check for the rest.
  8. There are points at all of the tracks usually off the racing line, where wheel "jerk" occurs. Try driving around the back straight at Malaysia. The only way to rid is turning off environmental effects in the FFB menu, then you get no feel at all.
    Surely someone can mod this out??