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Twisty/sensitive gampad in helm view

Discussion in 'MotoGP 13' started by svenvangent, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. And thats now the problem why i don't use 1person or second view , i realy regrad this ,so i have to stick with the third person view :cautious: not that is that bad but would really like to race in 1 or second view with my gamepad but it is damn to twisty/sensitive if you go in to the corners .
    Is there a possibility to improve this issue with a program or another solution ?

  2. I don`t know the solution but, I hate that wubble moves in 1st person view too. But in fairness the 3rd PV is cool,since we got the realistic animation.
  3. It's more touchy than the sbk series and understeering is quite profound when you let off the throttle at slower speeds which contributes to the twitchyness. But it just takes some practice. I'm not the best but here's my most recent race. Realistic AI, pro physics.
  4. Hallo Davetm ,
    Good drive ;
    For me it s to swingyyyyy get sick/ dissyyyy after 1 min .
    Toooo bloody sensitive .
    I race with a gamepad from logitech .
    Any way have big fun in third person .
    Now doing the MotoGP 2 , waaaaaaaaaaw , there the AI is very good exept for Sachenring where i could easily win after 7 flappy's with 31 secundoooo's , but for the other tracks at this moment........ again waaaaw had some good races .
    The way i race now with MotoGP 2 is , i don't take the fastes bike and i turn off the tcs , i have also the Realistic AI and pro physics selected , Bike damage heavy , tyre wear on , technical probs are on for Me and my budy the AI :inlove: , the only thing i let the game do is tuck in automatico .

    Greets and have fun svenvangent

  5. I used to use Logitech controller. I recommend xbox 360 controller because it has more analog options for the throttle and brakes. Otherwise, it can be more jerky to control.
  6. I have a xbox 360 wireless controller plug and charge kit for pc but it dosent work .
    When i put my usb cabel in to my flappytop and start the game there is nothing that happen ;
    In the middle there is a X button that blinks but no action what so ever.
    Can't find the reason .
    Instade if i put my logitech gamepad it works immediattely .