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Misc TV Inspired OSD 9.4

OSD inspired by Sky Sports F1

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  2. Looks cool, will try it out
  3. samples the video has some other mod (?), good job ... Greetings
  4. I think I found a bug:

  5. It's not possible fix this problem
  6. [​IMG]
    Can we get this?
  7. Everyone note that I have an update coming (which I'm working on right now) that solves the pill sliding issue!!!
  8. wondering if it's possible to change the red and yellow for yourself and team mate to the colours of a team, for example green for caterham
  9. nice cam mod bro ... can u tell the cam mod for this or u did this mod ??
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  10. ..... how about this one for a OSD :D
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  11. Amazing! :confused: i want it
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  12. i hope there is a osd like this for F1 2012
  13. Which cam-mod do you use? :0
  14. i dont use any
  15. Only in a module programmed outside of the game's executable. It's not given to everyone to make these (in this game).

    Deep knowledge of programming in DirectX 11 is required, and not only that, knowledge of how to access real-time internal status of the running process also.

    Doing that could allow cheaters to reverse-engineer the module in order 4 them to cheat more than they already do online. EDIT: It's their fault that we don't have visors in this game: cheaters (4 what? Stroking their egos?) :poop:
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  16. auroboros updated TV Inspired OSD with a new update entry:


    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  17. f1_2013_2014_05_01_12_52_01_654.jpg
    f1_2013_2014_05_01_12_53_27_841.jpg f1_2013_2014_05_01_12_55_25_757.jpg

    Mind-blowing job, auroboros! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Thanks for motivating me to learn more about modding (canceling un-wanted animations in this case)! Knowledge don't come easy. ;)
  18. Good, but can't be made to work within this game: External module(s) dll's needed. Knowledge of either DirectX 11 programming, or links to its current location (if available 4 download...) is required.
  19. It's simply amazing :confused:
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