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TV Coverage in HD?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Craig Stevenson, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. Do any Countries get F1 broadcast in HD?

    The BBC's response for UK broadcasts is "No, as the footage comes from a shared feed it means that we, along with broadcasters all over the world, will show the same pictures which are currently only produced in Standard Definition (SD)"

    Surely this can't be correct, the BBC can show Tennis, Football, Rugby and most recently the Winter Olympics in HD on the BBC HD Channel so WHY not F1?

  2. no F1 is filmed at the track in SD so there is no way BBC can make it HD, if they labelled it as HD it wouldnt be
  3. The Japanese gp has been broadcast in HD in Japan for the past 3 years I believe.
  4. in germany a ll races are shown in HD over SKY (former Premiere) cable and satelite pay tv
  5. All F1 labeled "HD" is upsampled SD.

    formula one management are responsible for the feeds that go out to every broadcaster, and they are still not offering hi-def.

    so there you go.
  6. Premiere now Sky is there with there own camaras so yea they deliver true hd and that was already last season :)
  7. If only it were true.
  8. hmm after looking around it does seem that the lack of HD, as with so much else that is wrong with F1 is down to Idiot Ecclestone. We MAY get HD in 2011 by which time Football and loads of other sports will not only be in HD but 3D as well, yet the Sport that is supposed to the pinnacle of sporting innovation and excellence is lagging behind, way to go Bernie you Muppet!

    I would like to see the back of Ecclestone but while he remains in charge I would like to see him concentrate on proper stuff instead of hair brained ideas like Mario Kart style powerups, stupid points systems and shortcuts :thumbdown::mad:
  9. not all HD are true HD anyway, a lot are just upscalled so why dont the BBC just upscale the live feed?
  10. It's truely crap from this year on here..

    Our reporter won't go to the actual place since the F1 license was too expensive to make this still possible.. So he'll stay in the studio in Hilversum... Sigh.. And unfortunately I cannot get BBC on tv here... And no HD. Else they'd be advertising with it..

    I wish some other TV channel than RTL:thumbdown::mad: would broadcast it. A couple of years ago we had SBS6 with NO cmmercials during the race, but a lot of crap before and after the race. Call games on TV etc..
    Now with RTL it's more commercial than the race, and from this year on they will not be on the circuit anymore.. :/
  11. Whats the point in HD feed and an HD TV when I don't have HD Eyes to go with it !!!
  12. If you can't see the difference in SD & HD TV it's time you paid a visit to specasvers :wink: your eyes are HD++ and capable of seeing many, many times the details shown on HD TV.