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Tv-cam SP

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by sepi, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. CA.jpg FC.jpg FE.jpg MA.jpg MC.jpg ME.jpg RB.jpg WI.jpg I made Tv-cam SP for those that love this racing view.
    The package contains cameras for all cars.
    I have removed the chase view, near and far.(I hate this views)
    Now the cameras.xml contains four camera views.
    The Original: BonnetCam - CockpitCam - BumperCam and my Tv-Cam SP.
    Remember to make backup your own files.

    Thanks to Ryder25 for BXML Convertor.

    Tv-cam SP
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  2. Screenshot buddy?No one will download without previews.Please keep that in mind!Thanks.
  3. Im ready:)
  4. Nice one,will not download it because i don't like this view but good job.I give a like!.
  5. Thanks pal. I'm new to modding and i'm trying.
  6. I assume you weren't going for realism here ;). Nice work for a first mod nonetheless :)

    Keep it up :)
  7. Nicky Graho

    Nicky Graho
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Thanks,but its ugly.Sorry
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  8. Not for realism but for personal enjoyment and for anyone who's loved this view
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  9. Never mind.It's your view.In any case thank you.
  10. poeple here sometimes are assho.. . nice work !
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  11. I don't know what you think, but it's very harsh. We all have right to state our opinion, but you can't criticize someone else's MOD, especially by using offensive words. The positive opinion can be improved our MOD, no matter how severe it is. But negative one never lead to happy ending for all of us.
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  12. Great job Buddy.:thumbsup:
    keep up the work and Make some More mods.
    All the Best.
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  13. I like this view and because I could not find anything corresponding respectively decided to deal personally. After a week I managed it and I'm happy about it. I do not understand what there is ugliness. The visual of the game is for everyone personal. It's a game.Thank you all for your kind words.
    Whoever likes let's enjoy it.
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  14. It's not ugly, it's just not to some people's taste. Don't worry about their comments, if they don't want to use it they don't have to.

    The great thing is you decided to try and make something instead of positing requests to ask someone else to do it. You achieved what you wanted and learned a lot on the way no doubt. You also kindly shared your work with us which is brilliant so thanks :).

    Now, I'm sure you have the modding bug and will be making even more mods :D

    Great work. We always need more users like yourself who get stuck in and make something :)
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  15. Great job , keep up the good work.

  16. Thank you mate :)
  17. this cam crash my game when i use flashback
  18. I've checked it on all cars and to me it works well.I don't know what could be wrong for you.
    Maybe it does not fit with any other mod that you have installed?
    Is there anyone else who has the same problems?
  19. kelaroost

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    It crashes because replay and flashback require the default views to be part of the xml but they have been removed.
    Should of hidden them instead of removing.
  20. kelaroost:
    Must reattach the default views and mine?