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Misc Tv-cam SP v1.1 1.1

I made Tv-cam SP for those that love this racing view.

  1. sepi submitted a new resource:

    Tv-cam SP v1.1 (version 1.1) - I made Tv-cam SP for those that love this racing view.

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  2. how do you create this cam?
  3. You can open the files with -Ryder BXML Convertor- and see the changes in values.;)
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  4. thank you very much
  5. hmmm, i will try, where are those files?
  6. pic?
  7. Here :thumbsup:
  8. The package contains cameras.xml files.Open xml s with Ryder BXML Converter
    see my post#1145 #1121
  9. can you make a video explain how to do it?
  10. i love this cam mod, thank you once again
  11. Thank you buddy.:D
  12. nope.sorry:(.
    But if you try it yourself to change the values shown here will understand.
  13. i cant open, gives me error
  14. Do just that and everything will be fine :cool:.

    1. Download the BXML Converter.http://petar.outer-heaven.net/d ownloads/
    2. Drag and Drop your file on "Ryder BXML Editor.exe". Press enter.
    3. This will make a new file called ai_vehicle...C.xml
    4. Edit the new file.
    5. Drag and drop edited file on the exe again. It will ask for a conversion type. Press 1 and then enter.
    6. Rename your new file ai_vehicle...C.C.xml to ai_vehicle....xml