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Tutorial: How to swap a driver

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Demy van Zoggel, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. A lot of people wonder how this works.

    Step 1: Open the language file and swap the name of the driver you need with the name of the driver you want at the right column (yes every line including his name), so Schumacher -> Hamilton, Michael -> Lewis, SCH -> HAM. be sure you don't pick the left column! Now save and exit.

    Step 2: Open up the database and go to "f1drivers", there you have to look for your driver and change their nationality_id into the nationality you want for your driver. So for example; if you want Schumacher to be replaced with Hamilton, you have to look in the nationality tab and search the english id. In this example that id is "1", so you have to replace Schumachers "nationality_id" with "1".

    Step 3: In the database "f1drivers" tab you have to switch Schumachers "short_name_string_id" (so MSC) to "HAM". Because you want Hamilton to be in there. Now save and exit

    Step 4: Open up "b_nonpersistent" in the /frontend folder. Scroll down to the card_image_msc click on it and select "Import" so you've got the picture of Hamilton in there. (make sure the file type and everything is right or it wont work). After that select "Add" in the bottom line of the program. It now says "card_image_msc_2", and you have to change this into "card_image_ham". Again, save and exit.

    If I explained this right everything should work now!
    Every step can be accomplished by using Ryder's great programs! (Download link)
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  2. Thanks!!,
  3. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    Thanks a lot for this, I've been looking for a tut on how to do this for a long time!

    So if I use this method, and replace "Schumacher" with "Hamilton", will the new "Hamilton" still drive like Schumacher? Or will it actually be Hamilton?
  4. Yes he will still drive like Schumacher, you have to change Schumacher's driving skills for that
  5. Th
    Will this change their face too?Or it's just replace datas?By the way nice work i'm just wondering but i guess i will need textrue changing for that.
  6. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    Hey Demy, i was also wondering how to import different pictures into the b_nonpersistent.pssg file. Just because i'd like to get pictures of the new drivers like Van Der Garde, and Gutierrez.

    Should I use a DDS converter? If so, which one would you recommend?

    EDIT: I've tried converting them to .dds, but when i go to import them, i get the error;

    "Could not import texture! Unable to read beyond the end of the stream"

    Not sure why im getting that.
  7. I can give you a dds converter.Perphas can you save it as dds and i will give you the program what needed to convert to dds, then you can import it with pssg editor ,ok?
  8. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    Okay, thanks! :) PM me the dds converter?
  9. Of course
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  10. DDS converter can be found here: http://developer.amd.com/resources/archive/archived-tools/gpu-tools-archive/the-compressonator/
    Some guy back in F1 2010 modding recommend this one. Maybe it was ML or Luh Koala, I do not remember.
    The Compressonator works for me, on both earlier Win7 and now Win 8 platforms. Both 32 and x64 bit versions.

    Open your .TGA, generate MIPS, use DXT5 compression, normal speed, and hit it ;)
    Save the compressed DDS, and import them via Ryder.

    cheers peter
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  11. If you want Hamilton to drive like Hamilton and not Schumacher you should go onto the the ai_driver tab on Ryders database editor and simply change Schumacher's aggression, control, speed_in speed_out virtual performance and wet weather ability to that of Hamilton's.

    Demy I think if I'm not mistaken that if you change on the f1 drivers tab the short name string id file from MSC to HAM there's no need to change the file on the non_persistant file as I believe it will load the card_image_ham because of the short name change if that makes sense.

    Also guys if you want to change it so Hamilton's helmet is driving in the Mercedes then you should go into the cars folder to the mc2 folder livery_01 and then textures_high and open up the file and then click on mc2 helmet (again with Ryder's tool) and export it. Then go to the Mercedes car folder and this time it will be livery_00 and then textures high and then import the Hamilton helmet onto the Mercedes helmet section. Do the same for textures low and you should see Lewis Hamilton name and helmet in the game. This won't change driver's face or helmet type thing for cut scene's as I've not really had the time to check out how to change this, but hey who cares at the moment you spend most of the time on track rather than looking at cut scenes! Hope this helps!
  12. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    That's correct.
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  13. Does anyone know the nationality_id from netherlands? (because of Giedo van der Garde)
  14. 16!
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  15. How can I change the first name driver's ?
    Thanks a lot.
  16. Just replace the first name of the driver in the language file with the new driver!
  17. Sorry, but I can't found first name in language file.I swap Kovalainen with Van der Garde,but the first name remain Heikki! Thanks.
  18. Search for "Heikki" in the language Editor by RYDER, and you will see.

    db_driaud_11 (Hamilton is number 11, Jenson 08, Heikki another...)

    Above is an example of Hamilton, I have not yet done them, but I strongly assume you need to change these 5 for each driver names, regardless of which driver you need to replace.
  19. @Demy: Do you have any experience with changing the team name as well ?

    db_team_mclaren_long (Vodafone MƆLaren Mercedes)
    db_team_mclaren_short ( MƆLaren )


    All names in the right scolumn seems to be basic text to be exchanged, but Mclaren is sometimes called McLaren, OK, but the above 2 are "MƆLaren" with this reverse C in ihe name.

    cheers peter
  20. You have to do the same for mclaren as for the driver names, don't let yourself be tricked by the reversed C. It's there because its a small c, check it out in the game yourself. ;)