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Tutorial: How to replace any driver's name with yours

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by Audren Lavenerable, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Hello there

    I have been fiddling with the game files and I found out that F1 2015 stores text the same way F1 2012-2014 did, through .lng files. This means that you can replace any driver's name with yours ( to somehow get the career mode feeling back).
    Here are the steps:

    Download Ryder's Language editor here: http://petar.outer-heaven.net/downloads/
    go to steamapps/common/F1 2015/localisation/language_[yourlanguage].lng
    Open the Language editor and search (Ctrl +F) for lng_[driver's first name], replace the corresponding value with your first name then search for lng_[driver's last name].
    For example: lng_kimi, lng_raikkonen

    Save the files and you're good to go
    Note: This somehow doesn't change the driver's name in the in game menu, you only see the result in a session. Moreover I don't know if it affects online gaming, probably not since it's client, I dont take any responsibility for anything that happens to your account/game.

    And as always, Always back up.


    Have fun!
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  2. Note: The post race classification as well isn't affected by this modification
  3. Works great and if you edit some other info you can add your birthday, races won etc. Only thing I couldn't figure out was how to change the nationality.

    Well done sir!
  4. The nationality used to be stored within the database.
  5. Yes I think I found it, but I don't remember it doing anything, I will check again. Thanks
  6. Works great in game, but when I exit game it crashes and I get black screen and this;

    Runtime Error
    Pure Vertual Function Call

    Any ideas?
  7. Did anyone find a solution to changing the national flag?
  8. I was never looking to replace the Flag, but the description that the driver's nationality was say British. If I changed this it changed it for all British drivers. So Hamilton is now American, :)