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Tutorial: How to import custom sounds to in-game

Discussion in 'My Summer Car' started by ajanhallinta, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. Modding is not officially supported. Take backups of game and save files before modding. Do at your own risk.

    Needed programs:
    - Unity
    - Unity Asset Bundle Extractor
    - Soundfile (.wav)
    - Notepad

    Use Unity Asset Bundle Extractor to find an AudioClip to replace from mysummercar_Data/sharedassets2.assets. Rename your .wav file with that name.

    1.) Open Unity and make new project.
    2.) Copy your .wav file to your projects Assets/ -folder.
    3.) Add a new GameObject to scene and add Audio Source component to it.
    4.) Drag & Drop your .wav file to AudioSources AudioClip -field.
    5.) In File -> Build Settings, add your scene to build and click Build to build your project somewhere.
    6.) Find your buildedprojectname_Data/ and files "sharedassets0" and "sharedassets0.assets.resS" (it name may be sharedassets0.resource too) .
    7.) Rename "sharedassets0.assets.resS" file anything you want (for ex. "hayosikosounds.resource") and copy it to mysummercar_Data/ -folder
    8.) Use Unity Assets Bundle Extractor to Export your AudioClip to 'Dump' from buildedprojectname_Data/sharedassets0.assets file.
    9.) Open the Dump file in Notepad and find following line: 1 string m_Source = "sharedassets0.assets.resS" and change that to point your resource file ("hayosikosounds.resource").
    10.) In Unity Assets Bundle Extractor, open mysummercar_Data\sharedassets2.assets file and find the original AudioClip
    11.) Click "Import Dump" and select file you previously extracted
    12.) Use File -> Mod Maker -> Create standalone .exe installer to create installer and save it to MSC root folder
    13.) Run installer.

    Let me know if there are succes or problems with this, or is this readable at all...
  2. Amazing,looking for this tutorial for like 2 or 3 months :D
    Amazing job
    Thank you very much man :)