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Tutorial - eMeL method (road, roadside and terrain)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by martinez, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Thanks Kennett, I have this already :) Good work!
    I was helping people who can't move the points while editing in BTB's Material cross-section window, just thought about these xml's as another solution. My attached xpack was just example to understand how the file is organised.
  2. Hello
    Martinez said : "In this particular case you see some semi-transparent wall that is placed put over the road. The wall is not driveable and not collide and has also set some LOD (or you want your graphic card to render it always?)"
    Since One year ago (november 2009) I build my rally track with a similar method, never seen before....
    A links to a french forum where I present my W.I.P.

    (You must be logged to see pics but youtube video is ok for visitors)

  3. ebrich

    Premium Member

    Hi jcrr Started on page 115 of the forum and went back 10 pages ( video's look great). Then started on page 1 in the hopes of finding the download. RIEN! I wanna try it! Could you give us a clue as to the download. Please. I like what you have done there.
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  4. I've never said that I invented the method - it was just a name for something that people were asking for.
    I can say - besides some other benefits - using this method can be crucial if somebody thinks of conversion a track for working in 3ds Max and for exporting to other games (like original RBR format)
    If anybody is interested - I can post here some simple tutorial how to use it and to make track for futher work in 3ds Max. I can also do some simple btb example(s) :)
  5. Yes,and my method is not exactly the same,but my difficulty to write or read in english make that I don't understand exactly what is your method, I'll try to work your method soon.


  6. ebrich

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    That is going to be one hell of a stage. I walked through the whole length in 3DSimEd. Lot of work to do but I think its great so far. Makes a nice change from forest trees blocking the view! Good luck with the rest.
  7. hello

    Thanks, but when you are open the demo track in 3Dsimed you can't see a lot of things because i had delete a max of the others parts of the track before to share the demo, and this was a long time ago.....

    I am sure that the complete track will be available before April.....

  8. I wrote a tutorial about building in BTB for conversion purposes (to 3dsMax), where among other things you can find how the method can be used to make it succesful:

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